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Access Configuration mode (configure terminal) and use the hostname different command to change the router s name to different. Exit Configuration mode: end. Restore your configuration with copy startup-config running-config. Your prompt should change back to the previous name of the router (2600-1). (You might have to wait a few seconds for this to complete.) 5. Erase your router s saved configuration in NVRAM. Examine the configuration file in NVRAM. Save the active configuration file to NVRAM. Examine the configuration file in NVRAM. Use the erase startup-config command to erase your configuration in NVRAM. Press ENTER to confirm the erase. Use the show startupconfig command to verify the configuration file was deleted. 6. Save your configuration file in RAM to NVRAM. View the newly saved configuration file in NVRAM. Use the copy running-config startup-config command to save your configuration to NVRAM. Use the show startup-config command to verify that your router s configuration was backed up from RAM to NVRAM. Now you should be more comfortable with manipulating a router s configuration files. In the next section, you will learn how you should deal with changes in your network.
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Backup and Archiving
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When using CASE or DECODE in this way, it is important that the aggregate SUM function goes around the entire statement and is not nested within the CASE statement or between the DECODEs. The following table decomposes the DECODE portion of the SQL statement:
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Layer 3
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The appliances have supported IPS capabilities for a long time. The original IPS implementation on the appliances was software based, which was originally designed for SOHO networks. It supports over 50 signatures to detect attacks. The software implementation doesn t even begin to compare to the capabilities of the ASA AIP-SSM IPS module, which can detect over 1,500 attacks. However, if you don t have this card, you can supplement the security of your appliance with the IPS software feature, commonly called IP audit. The following sections will discuss the supported signatures and the configuration of IP audit.
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At this point, you might be asking why you don t need to use new for variables of the value types, such as int or float In C#, a variable of a value type contains its own value. Memory to hold this value is automatically provided when the program is run. Thus, there is no need to explicitly allocate this memory using new. Conversely, a reference variable stores a reference to an object. The memory to hold this object must be allocated dynamically, during execution. Not making the fundamental types, such int or char, into reference types greatly improves your program s performance. When using a reference type, there is a layer of indirection that adds overhead to each object access. This layer of indirection is avoided by a value type. As a point of interest, it is permitted to use new with the value types, as shown here:
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Disk Space required = (# of users) * [User Defined or Provisioned apps])) (FTU Configuration + (# of defined apps *
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and t1 and t2 are the rms roughness of the two surfaces in contact. For comparison, the roughness t can be taken as 10 m in for most commercial bearings. The lubricant lm parameter L, Eq. (9.19), can be applied as an indicator of rolling element performance and life. At values the ratio of 3 < L < 10, minimal wear and long life would prevail with failure eventually being caused by classical subsurface rollingelement pitting fatigue. That is the ideal suggested design range for the value of L. For L
// Use a map of strings to create a dictionary. #include <iostream> #include <map> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { map<string, string> dictionary; dictionary.insert(pair<string, string>("house", "A place of dwelling.")); dictionary.insert(pair<string, string>("keyboard", "An input device.")); dictionary.insert(pair<string, string>("programming", "The act of writing a program.")); dictionary.insert(pair<string, string>("STL", "Standard Template Library")); string s; cout << "Enter word: "; cin >> s; map<string, string>::iterator p; p = dictionary.find(s); if(p != dictionary.end()) cout << "Definition: " << p->second; else cout << "Word not in dictionary.\n"; return 0; }
Time delay loops are often used in programs. These are loops that have no other purpose than to kill time. Delay loops can be created by specifying an empty target statement. For example:
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ACL Types
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