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Height Above Water, Feet
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Communications System Design
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VLAN Con guration
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If the rst echo request times out, but the rest of the echo requests are successful, the rst request probably timed out because the source and possibly intermediate devices were performing ARPs. If you see intermixed echo replies and destination unreachable messages,
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The C# Language
With the foregoing interpolated derivative values, the calculation of the pressure angle and the curvature at arbitrary values of y is straightforward. 7.4.3 Global Properties The computation of the global geometric properties area for 2-D contours and volume for 3-D surfaces, centroid location, and inertia matrix of cam plates is the subject of this subsection. Rather than using directly the de nitions of these concepts, as given in Sec. 7.3, we resort to the Gauss divergence theorem (GDT) (Marsden and Tromba, 1988) to transform volume integrals into surface integrals. One second application of the GDT readily leads to algorithms based on line integrals, which are computationally more economical than the direct formulas. Two-Dimensional Regions. In this subsection the general formulas introduced in Angeles et al. (1990) and recalled below are applied to 2-D regions. Thus, line-integration formulas will be derived for the computation of the area, the centroid position vector, and the inertia matrix of planar regions R bounded by a closed contour G. Let A, qO, and IO denote the area, the vector rst moment, and the matrix second moment of R, qO, and IO being de ned with respect to a given point O in the plane of the region. The computation of these quantities can be reduced to integration on the boundary G, by application of the GDT, namely, A= qO = 1 r nd G 2 G (7.42a) (7.42b) (7.42c)
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We only need to calculate the downward motion. The upward motion is exactly the same only in the opposite direction. This is because during the
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Six-Step Approach for Determining IP Address Components
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