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mouse button. The control object is now surrounded by interactive markers, including a preview outline of the resulting extrude group (the front of the object is bound by a red outline, and the back of the 3D shape is bound by a blue outline) and an X symbol. The preview indicates the length and direction of the Extrude effect; the X symbol you re dragging is the vanishing point. As discussed in 24, a vanishing point is a geometric indicator of where parallel lines on a surface would converge at the horizon if the surface actually were to extend into the horizon.
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Transcendental Functions
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you can generate a pointer to the first element by using the name sample. Thus, the following code fragment assigns p the address of the first element of sample:
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Note that routers separate physical or logical segments, while bridges and switches don t. Therefore, if PC-A wants to send traffic to PC-B, PC-A uses the router s MAC (or layer 2) address to get traffic to the exit point of the segment, but it uses PC-B s logical (or layer 3) address to tell the router that this traffic is not for the router but for a machine on a different segment. This process is discussed in more depth in s 3 and 10. The next device that receives these physical layer signals is the hub. Recall from earlier in the chapter that hubs and repeaters operate at the physical layer. Basically, a hub is a multiport repeater: it repeats any physical layer signal it receives. Therefore, a signal received on one interface of a hub is repeated on all of its other interfaces. These signals are then received by PC-B, which passes this information up the protocol stack as described in the preceding section. For a more detailed explanation of the process described in this section, please read 10, which discusses how TCP/IP is used to communicate between devices on different Ethernet segments.
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You can create an infinite loop (a loop that never terminates) by using this for construct:
The next thought might be expressed as follows:
Total DS1s to/from LEC City1 City2 City3 City4 City5 City6 City7 City8 City9 City10 City11 City12 153 102 96 87 108 138 123 117 90 144 126 108 DS1s to LD partner 8 5 6 5 7 10 7 6 7 8 8 8 Net DS1s to/from IP network 145 97 90 82 101 128 116 111 83 136 118 100
In the digital communication network, the analog voice signal is converted to digital at the earliest point possible. In the existing network, most local loops are analog, but when the access line is terminated at the exchange, the analog voice signal is immediately converted to digital PCM. In private or ISDN networks, the voice signal will be digitized either at the telephone handset or in the customer s premises. Thus PCM in the modern network is really part of the access technology and over time will move further towards the end-user equipment in a fully digital access network. Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) is the mechanism used for converting the analog voice channel to a digital signal. Figure 3.5 shows the three stages of the process. With a maximum input frequency of 3.4 kHz, Nyquist s sampling theorem indicates a minimum sampling rate of 6.8 kHz. In fact, practical systems use a stable ( 50 ppm) 8 kHz sampling frequency. The filter before the sampler removes signals above 4 kHz, which could cause aliasing.
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Bus Star Ring Mesh Point-to-point
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