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pop-up menu. The Options dialog opens to the Styles page, shown in Figure 12-10. To edit the properties, click the Edit button beside the Fill and/or Outline values at the lower right to access the Fill and/or Outline property dialogs. After editing, click OK to return to your document. Any changes you make to the style are immediately updated in both the style and any objects applied with the style.
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Figure 3.17 A truck falls in a river due to a bridge failure in 2004.
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Span Length (Feet) 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120
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// Open the output file. try { fout = new StreamWriter(args[1]); } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc.Message); fin.Close(); return; } // Copy the file. try { do { i = fin.Read(); if((char)i == ' ') i = '-'; if(i != -1) fout.Write((char) i); } while(i != -1); } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc.Message); } fin.Close(); fout.Close(); } }
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Educational Institutions
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The final decision on a software vendor should be made by management, with the RFP team being a consultative body. Remember, senior management will be making a business decision that partly considers the technology and partly considers the value proposition (the value derived from a given expenditure). Contract negotiation When the selection is made, the contract between the organization and the software vendor needs to be negotiated. There are plenty of ways that the software vendor can be held accountable in terms of delivering and supporting software that meets the business s needs. However, the organization purchasing the software will also likely have obligations of its own. I recommend that you not tell the other vendor finalists that they are out of the game too soon. If contract negotiations with the first choice vendor do not proceed well, it may be smart to begin negotiations with one of the other finalists (management should decide which vendor). Contract negotiation should be left to the lawyers. However, lawyers on each side will often consult with IT experts or management to make sure that sections of contract language accurately describe systems, controls, security, and any other matters that lawyers may not have expertise in. Closing the RFP When the RFP process has concluded, the project team can begin preparations for testing and implementation of the software. For obvious reasons, the design and development phases of the SDLC process are usually skipped altogether, unless the organization needs to build some custom interfaces or other programs that will enable the acquired software to work in the environment.
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TABLE 25-4
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Figure 2-9 Establishing a TCP connection
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Trichorrhexis invaginata/bamboo hair/golf tee type characterized by invagination of the distal portion of the hair shaft into its proximal portion forming a ball-in-cup appearance Diagnosis can easily be made without the need for hair sampling and microscopic examination Alternating light and dark bands are seen clinically Light bands represent cavities within the cortex Cavities appear as whitish areas within a darker hair shaft The opposite is true with light microscopy
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Using Speed Menus
Synchronous serial interfaces have either a DB-60 or DB-26 connector for connecting to Cisco routers.
Changes in Audit Activities
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Incident Management
Hierarchical logical addressing to provide
Troubleshooting the Other Access Suite Products
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