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Scope Requirements and Framework for Ethernet Service Protection Circuit Emulation Service Definitions, Framework and Requirements in Metro Ethernet Networks Metro Ethernet Network Architecture Framework Part 1: Generic framework Metro Ethernet Services Definitions Phase 1 EMS-NMS Information Model Implementation Agreement for the Emulation of PDH Circuits over Metro Ethernet Networks Abstract Test Suite for Ethernet Services at the UNI Ethernet Services Attributes Phase 2 User Network Interface (UNI) Requirements and Framework Metro Ethernet Network Architecture Framework Part 2: Ethernet Services Layer User Network Interface (UNI) Type 1 Implementation Agreement Abstract Test Suite for Ethernet Services at the UNI Requirements for Management of Metro Ethernet Phase 1 Network Elements Ethernet Local Management Interface Service OAM Framework and Requirement Abstract Test Suit for Circuit Emulation Services Abstract Test Suit for UNI Type 1
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adapt service data into and out of ATM cells; and the network control procedures, which allow operation and management of the network. At the bottom of the map are the key physical network technologies specified for carrying ATM cells, split into public telecom technologies and private enterprise technologies. Also included are framebased interfaces that allow the transport of ATM data without segmenting it into cells.
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Cable TV
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TABLE 14-1
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The terms BSS and BSA, and ESS and ESA, can be confusing. BSS and ESS refer to the building topology whereas BSA and ESA refer to the actual signal coverage, as shown in Figure 5-2.
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applications, but biasing was invented so that these separate voltages could be obtained from a single supply. Second, transistors are remarkably temperature sensitive, inviting a condition called thermal runaway. Thermal runaway will rapidly destroy a bipolar transistor, since collector current quickly and uncontrollably increases to damaging levels as the temperature rises; unless the amplifier is temperature stabilized to nullify this effect. The dominant biasing schemes to obtain both temperature stabilization and single-supply operation are base-biased emitter feedback, voltage-divider emitter feedback, collector feedback, diode feedback, and active bias. All five are found in Class A and AB operation, while Class B and C amplifiers can implement other methods. Which bias circuit to adopt depends on the desired circuit costs, complexity, stability, and other considerations. Base-biased emitter feedback (Fig. 3.61) works in the following way: The base resistor RB, the 0.7-V base-to-emitter voltage drop VBE, and the emitter resistor RE are all in series, in addition to being in parallel with the power supply (VCC), as shown in Fig. 3.62. As the collector current IC increases because of a rise in the transistor s temperature, the emitter current through the emitter resistor will also increase, which increases the voltage dropped across RE. This action lowers the voltage that would normally be dropped across the base resistor, and, since the voltage drops around a closed loop must always equal the voltage rises, the reduction in voltage across RB decreases the base current, which then lowers the collector current. The capacitor CE located across RE bypasses the RF signal around the emitter resistor to stop excessive RF
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Use the Undo button to undo the last drill.
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We won t go into the function of each of these buttons. However, we ll give an overview of some of the more important ones as they relate to our discussion of remote management. 1 MINUTE
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Part I:
CHAPTER 4 The Integral
The IS auditor needs to audit system monitoring operations to ensure that it is effective, including: Monitoring plan The auditor should review any monitoring plan documents that describe the organization s monitoring program, tools, and processes. Problem log Monitoring problem logs should be reviewed to see what kinds of problems are being recorded. The auditor should see whether all devices and systems are represented in problem logs. Preventive maintenance The auditor should examine monitoring results, monitoring plan, and preventive maintenance records, and determine whether the level of preventive maintenance is adequate and effective. Management review and action Any monitoring reports, meeting minutes, and decision logs should be examined to see whether management is reviewing monitoring reports and whether management actions are being carried out.
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