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As the data is loaded into the fact table, each column represents a bucket of information with the time period intelligence built into each column. C_MONTH contains sales for just the current month; C_YTD contains sales for each month in the current year. If the month is October, it contains sales from January through October. Data Integrator has a date generation transform, which generates the time periods needed (quarter, month, year, week, etc.). By using our special functions, we can aggregate fact data to these time periods and load the Fact tables in the warehouse with an appropriate indication of the bucket used. You can also create aggregations that manage running ytd, mtd, qtd fields. You use DI s stateful functions to do this. Many analytic applications that build data marts (including SAP BW s Info Cubes) use this kind of structure. However, if your company designs and builds your own fact tables, the DBA must program this kind of intelligence into the load routines; unlike in OLAP databases, there may be no simple toggle to achieve time period intelligence (although newer data integration tools may assist with this). A robust ETL tool may help with the process. For example, BusinessObjects Data Integrator has a date generation transform that will take an individual date value and create the appropriate year, quarter, and month hierarchies. Data Integrator also includes special functions to load data into fact tables to create running year-to-date measures, month-to-date measures, and so on. Even with an ETL tool, this kind of design requires more disk space and a stronger understanding of best practices in data warehouse designs. DBAs may not have the resources to implement this kind of design or the time. (Show me a DBA who is not overworked and overscheduled!) Recall from the first section in this chapter that dimension groupings such as customer age, income level, and product size are also forms of intelligence. Analyzing data by dimensions is the bread and butter of most businesses. Providing alternative groupings can help reveal
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Statistical Mechanics
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Headends and Signal Processing
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Wireless Essentials
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To quickly add a new page to the beginning or end of your document, go to the first or last page and click the plus (+) symbol on the left or right of the page buttons at the lower left of your document window. To add a page before or after your current page, right-click the page tab to the right of these buttons, and choose either Insert Page Before or Insert Page After from the pop-up menu.
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Extract pricing
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Adobe Acrobat les have the extension .PDF which stands for Portable Document Format. This suf x says it all. The portability of Acrobat les comes from a single common format for documents with readers that can be installed on all the major platforms: Windows 95/98/NT; MacOS, and UNIX/LINUX. Acrobat les have become a common means for distributing any kind of formatted document, from the hundreds of tax forms issued by the Internal Revenue Service to a current prospectus for a stock offering on E*trade. Part of the appeal of Acrobat is the ease with which documents designed for electronic publishing can be created. The technique relies on printer drivers that convert the output from your application of choice whether Microsoft Word, Adobe Framemaker, or Corel Draw and change it into a PDF le. The resulting PDF le contains all of the elements that were present in the original source le, include fonts, page layout, embedded graphic images, line art, and, in some applications, HTML links.
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Active Directory Server Software Configuration Windows 2003 Server w/Service Pack 1
// Read a string from the keyboard, using Console.In directly. using System; class ReadChars2 { static void Main() { string str; Console.WriteLine("Enter some characters."); str = Console.In.ReadLine(); // call TextReader's ReadLine() method Console.WriteLine("You entered: " + str); } }
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VoIP and SS7
Console.WriteLine("{0:00##.#00}", 21.3);
Dynamic Allocation
The first step in setting up TCP normalization is to create a TCP normalization map. This map contains the abnormal criteria that you ll look for in TCP connections. Creating a TCP normalization map involves the following configuration:
Ring Topology Algorithms
Method public static int Compare(string str1, string str2)
Timing and Delay Jitter 498 Basic Telecommunications Technologies
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