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What s the difference between polar versus charged When we use the word charged, we mean that the molecule is ionized. ions contain a unit charge (the amount of charge on an electron or proton) or they contain a multiple of a unit charge. in contrast, the word polar is used in various ways. strictly speaking, polar means the presence of both positive and negative charges on the same molecule, but these can be either unit charges or partial charges. in the case of an ionized molecule, polar would imply that the molecule is a zwitterion. But ionized amino acid side chains typically contain only a positive or negative charge. still, scientists sometimes refer to such single charge ions as polar, because ions prefer (energetically) to be in a polar environment that is, an environment containing polar molecules such as water. Another use of the word polar is this: we say that a molecule or bond is polar when the electrons are distributed unevenly, so there is some charge, but it is a partial charge. According to this use of the word polar, charged side chains contain more charge than polar side chains. recall from chap. 6 that the attractive or repulsive force between two charges (and the energy of their interaction) is proportional to product of the amount of each charge. therefore the Gibbs energy change associated with the interaction of charged (ionized) side chains is stronger than that associated with polar side chains.
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Taking Care of Travel Needs
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international signaling gateways (SGs). These gateways are signaling points that support the national SS7 variant at one side and the ITU-T international variant at the other. This fact of both national and international variants brings us back to the Subservice field mentioned earlier. Recall that this field is used to indicate the signaling numbering plan in use. Four variants exist: National, National Spare, International, and International Spare. A network element that acts as an international gateway will have at least two point codes, one a national point code and one an international point code. Messages to and from other nodes in the national network will be addressed with the national point code, and messages to and from other international nodes will use the international point code. Thus, a hierarchy exists in the SS7 network whereby messages between countries must go from the national signaling plane to the international signaling plane and back down to the national signaling plane in the destination country, as shown in Figure 7-8.
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Protection of Bridges against Extreme Events
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The .NET Framework defines a large number of interfaces that a C# program can use. For example, System.IComparable defines the CompareTo( ) method, which allows objects to be compared when an ordering relationship is required. Interfaces also form an important part of the Collections classes, which provide various types of storage (such as stacks and queues) for groups of objects. For example, System.Collections.ICollection defines the functionality of a collection. System.Collections.IEnumerator offers a way to sequence through the elements in a collection. These and many other interfaces are described in Part II.
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INITIAL W AN ARCHITECTURE The initial architecture associated with the use of optical fiber in the W AN remained a sequence of pointto-point transmission systems until the late 1990s. Electrical signals would be converted by a laser at one end of a fiber while a photodetec, tor at the other end would convert the light signals back into an electrical form. Once converted back into an electrical format, the electronics could process and switch signals among different paths or simply serve as a temporary conversion point for regeneration of the signal. Thus, the optical-to-electrical conversion followed by an electrical-to-optical reconversion functioned as an amplifier. BROADBAND WDM The first development of WDM based on the use of lasers is referred to as broadband WDM. Broadband WDM took advantage of the fact that it was relatively easy to use lasers that operate in the 1300- and 1500-nm optical windows and couple their output onto a common single-mode optical fiber. During 1994 the output of lasers operating at 1310 and 1550 nm were combined onto a common optical fiber. Each laser operated at 2.5 Gbits/s, resulting in a transmission capacity of 5 Gbits/s obtained on a single fiber. Although a transmission capacity of 5 Gbits/s does not begin to compare to the transmission capacity obtainable just a half decade later at the time it provided com, munications carriers with an inexpensive alternative to installing new fiber to meet customers expanding transmission requirements. Thus, instead of having to physically install a new optical fiber it became pos, sible to add a second laser input and a coupler to double system capacity. Similar to a child in a candy store, communications carriers were able to taste the economic advantages associated with broadband WDM and provided a ready market for more modern systems. WDM AND DWDM Broadband WDM can be considered as laying the foundation for advances in the development of techniques to enhance the transmission capacity of optical fiber. As optical filters and laser technology improved, it became both possible and practical to combine additional signals on a fiber. In 1995 the number of channels, each consisting of a separate optical signal at a distinct wavelength, increased to 4 per fiber. Since then advances in technology resulted in the number of channels per fiber increasing to 8, then 16, 32, 40, 64, and even 80, with systems with 128, 256, and even more channels being developed, as we note later in this chapter.
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Although C# is a computer language that can be studied on its own, it has a special relationship to its runtime environment, the .NET Framework. The reason for this is twofold. First, C# was initially designed by Microsoft to create code for the .NET
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quickly as EPON volumes increase. Depending on the projected service mix and other cost-model details, side-by-side per-subscriber cost estimates for EPON vs. xDSL or HFC typically lie in a range from near-parity to a 50 percent premium for a network with active electronics in the outside plant. Equally or more important than the initial construction costs just discussed, however, are the ongoing operational costs, and in this regard EPON possesses clear advantages. The fact that the remote electronics in xDSL and HFC networks, which are in high-stress environments, will require regular service and replacement, and that these ongoing operational costs are borne by xDSL and HFC networks and not by EPON networks, is obvious. What is perhaps less obvious is the significant cost associated with providing power to the remote active nodes, which can account for 30 40 percent of the total lifecycle cost of the access network, depending again on the service model, the bandwidth-per-customer requirements, and so on. In EPON, this high cost is taken from the network operator and assumed by the subscriber, thus providing a powerful, inherent advantage to EPON deployments when competing with xDSL or HFC network operators.
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This chapter covered a lot of ground in a few short sections. The basic points worth remembering are summarized in the following list. Niche markets offer great opportunities for small-scale title producers. Find a niche that interests you and you can very likely nd an audience that shares your interest. Permission marketing is a means of politely supplying information that a customer requests and then working to build a longterm relationship with that customer. It is the opposite of interruption marketing, which tries to sell things to you by jarringly intruding on your attention and ramming home an indelible message. The Internet offers a variety of ways to reach people with very specialized interested and to communicate with them inexpensively. Opt-in mailing lists, free newsletters, useful Web site tools that attract a specialized audience, and search-term bidding can all help you reach your audience. If you don t have the time or expertise to construct an entire ecommerce Web site, there are pre- built services that can have you online accepting credit cards in a couple of days. Other methods, such as online auctions and services such as s zShops, can also work in some situations. Press releases can get your product or business in the news. Write the yourself and distribute them to key news outlets, or hire a service, such as Digital Works, to do this for you. To avoid the search engine scramble, use a service, such as, that lets you bid on selected search terms. Targeted use of particular terms can attract the attention of exactly the kind of interests that your prospective customers will most likely have.
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In Step 3 in the preceding section, when you choose Add To My Favorites from the Organize drop-down, or when you choose Add Short Cuts To New Folder, InfoView creates a pointer to the original file:
EXAMPLE 1-1 The charge in a wire is known to be q(t) = 3t 2 6 C. Find the current. SOLUTION Using (1.3), we have i(t) = dq d = (3t 2 6) = 6t A dt dt
lim 4x 3 7x 2 + 5x 9 = lim 4x 3 lim 7x 2 + lim 5x lim 9.
// Make a shallow copy of the invoking object. public object Clone() { Test temp = (Test) MemberwiseClone(); return temp; }
or data mart. That person can provide expertise on advanced business calculations and certain universe components such as aliases, shortcut joins, how to use derived tables, and so on. When you introduce aggregate awareness into the universe, the data modeler provides the dimensions by which to aggregate. Database administrator (DBA) A DBA may be the universe designer or may review the universe for optimal SQL. DBAs resolve query performance problems, build aggregate tables, or correct password synchronization problems between different data sources. The DBA will also help decide the technical deployment of the BusinessObjects Enterprise repository. Administrator or architect You may have a BusinessObjects Enterprise administrator who installs and maintains the software applications (Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Desktop Intelligence, Dashboard Manager, and so on). In small deployments, the BusinessObjects Enterprise administrator and the designer are often one and the same. In larger deployments, there may be multiple administrators. Whereas universe designers require a business background and SQL skills, administrators and architects require more technical skills and may be systems engineers. In addition to software issues, the administrator deals with server performance and load balancing. They will decide when to deploy BusinessObjects Enterprise in a distributed environment, which processes to run on dedicated servers, and how to provide failover protection. Trainer The BusinessObjects XI trainer knows both the software and the data to a degree. Often, two people may provide the training to cover these two different aspects. Internal BusinessObjects XI experts may train end users, or they may use a Business Objects training partner. Communication/marketing specialist This person provides expertise on effective ways to communicate project plans, deliverables, and goals to the different user segments. He or she may write or review articles for company newsletters, coordinate internal user conferences, design logos used in project gifts or application screens, and help ensure that key messages are stated in terms of business benefits rather than technical features.
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VIN-III: severe dysplasia or carcinoma in situ How do each of the preinvasive lesions typically present VIN-I and VIN-II present most commonly with itching, chronic irritation, and development of a palpable lesion. The lesion typically appears as localized, isolated, raised, whitish areas found most commonly along the posterior vulva and perineal body. Perineal pain and dysuria can also be presenting symptoms. VIN-III typically presents with intractable itching and irritation along with the gross lesion(s) described above. Occasionally, the vuvlar involvement is extensive Complete excision. Early cases with limited involvement can be treated with local excision, cryocautery, electrodesiccation, or laser ablation. VIN-III is treated with wide local excision with/without laser ablation Vulvar cancer is the fourth most common gynecologic cancer that affects almost 4000 women in the United States annually Typically, postmenopausal women, usually around 65 years of age Infection with certain types of HPV history of cervical cancer Immunocompromise; northern European ancestry Cigarette smoking; diabetes Vulvar dystrophy; obesity Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia; hypertension How is the diagnosis of vulvar cancer made Careful history-taking and inspection are essential. Inspection must include all of the vulvar skin, peri-anal skin, cervix, and vagina. A biopsy of each lesion leads to a definitive diagnosis as gross appearance is often inconsistent with the underlying cellular morphology. If there is no obvious lesion, colposcopy may be
10.5 CAM SHAPES VERSUS ACCELERATION CURVE 296 10.6 DYNAMIC ERRORS BY FINITE DIFFERENCES 297 10.7 MATERIAL PROCESSES 301 10.7.1 Melting Practice 302 10.7.2 Heat Treatment 302 10.7.3 Metalworking 302 10.8 SPARE PARTS LISTING 303 10.9 CAM FOLLOWERS 305 10.9.1 Roller Followers 305 10.9.2 Roller-Follower Installations 306 10.9.3 Sliding Followers 312 10.10 CONCLUSION 312
Oscillator Design
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