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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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To see how the this pointer works, examine this short program:
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Either of Eqs. (7.19a and b) is the expression sought for the curvature of the cam pro le. A visualization of Eq. (7.19b) is displayed in Fig. 7.5. In that gure, notice that k > 0 at P1, which indicates a convexity at this point. Likewise, k < 0 at P2, thereby indicating a concavity at P2.
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1-M relationship
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Inside local IP address (original source private IP) Inside local port number (original source port number) Inside global IP address (translated public source IP)
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Characteristic Application Attenuation Wavelength Light Source Bandwidth
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layer (layer 6) defines how information is presented to the user. The session layer (layer 5) determines whether a network connection is needed and initiates the setup and teardown of connections. The transport layer (layer 4) handles the mechanics of reliable or unreliable services. The network layer (layer 3) creates a logical topology with logical addresses. Routers function at this layer. The data link layer (layer 2) assigns physical (MAC) addresses and defines how devices on a specific media type communicate with each other. Bridges, switches, and NICs operate at this layer. The physical layer (layer 1) handles all physical properties for a connection. Hubs and repeaters function here.
Substituted Hydrocarbons and Their Reactions
Print Crop/ Fold Marks
4.3 Crystal Oscillators
is, not all recorders support power calibration, particularly earlier units. An excess of power during recording, or a lack of suf cient power to the laser, results in pits that are either too long or too short. Discs produced by non-calibrated recorders can present problems when being read; if the disc is to serve as the master for large-scale replication, this problem can be perpetuated through thousands of manufactured discs. Performing a thorough disc analysis before committing to replication can avoid this potential problem. To ensure the highest accuracy of disc recording, make sure the recorder that you purchase is designed to perform a power calibration cycle as part of its normal operation. There are many other features that contribute to overall data integrity and broad media compatibility, but you should actively seek power calibration in any drive that you purchase.
AS A MATTER OF FACT As fun as it is to create complex selection/masks, it s not as much fun the second time you do the same one. If you think you may be coming back to the same picture and you ll want the same selection, choose Select | Save Selection to preserve it for the future.
Also, realize that in some circles and with some user segments, these individual product names may have meaning and recognition. Many users, however, may have never heard of them. In this respect, you will have to repeat, within your own organization, all the selling Business Objects, the company, had to go through to persuade you to buy their tool set. As you do so, focus as much as possible on the benefits your implementation will deliver, not the technical features of the products. Consider some of the products you buy as a consumer. For example, Disney World emphasizes the magic and memories (the benefits), not the number of rides and attractions (the features). Particularly with business intelligence, a number of technical features will have little meaning to users, yet clearly, IT professionals are comfortable focusing on features. Restating the features in terms of the benefits is one of the hardest language barriers for the project team to overcome. Table 4-4 highlights some features that are better described to users in terms of the benefits they provide. In a few instances, the feature and related benefit will be clear; but these instances are in the minority. For example, if you emphasize the ability to create graphs, spreadsheet users who have used graphs in their analysis will recognize that graphs provide the benefit of visual analysis and a faster ability to spot trends, problems, and opportunities. When you buy a car, you know that four-wheel or front-wheel drive (feature) will allow you to control your car better in snow (the benefit). When the benefit is not immediately clear, document it as part of your project plan. Then have the project team practice articulating the benefits so that they (1) stay focused on why you are implementing BusinessObjects XI and (2) can more effectively promote your efforts in both formal and casual conversations with users. A second aspect to the product component of the market mix is what to call the product. Will you refer to it by the vendor-provided product names, or will you give it a different
Now we can eliminate B in (13.8) by setting s = 0. This gives 4 = 3 + (C)(2), C = 1/2 Finally, we can solve for B by letting s be any number. Let s pick s = 1. Then (13.8) becomes 1 4 = A(12 + 4) + (B + C)(1 + 2), 3 5A 3C =B 3 Putting in A = 3/4 and C = 1/2 we nd B = 3/4. With these values (13.7) becomes F(s) = = 3 4 3 4 1 + s+2 1 + s+2 3 4 3 4 s +4 s +4 1 2 1 4 1 +4 2 +4
As you can see from the preceding syntax, this is similar to creating ACLs on the appliance itself. When you re done creating the ACL, click the Submit button.
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