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Fig. 12.11 Wind Generator Mounting Options
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stack<int> a; // create integer stack stack<double> b; // create a double stack stack<char> c; // create a character stack
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The C# Language
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The IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet standard addresses only half-duplex communications. Because it is possible to transmit in a full-duplex mode from a workstation to a switch port, several vendors introduced nonstandardized 100BASE-FX extenders that use both multimode and singlemode fiber in a full-duplex transmission environment. Table 5.3 summarizes the cable distance achievable for 100BASE-TX as well as half- and full-duplex versions of 100BASE-FX, with the latter as mentioned earlier , , not officially contained in the IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet standard.
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100/0 Target Total Compensation
Creating and Modifying KPIs
Part I:
rior to 1797, the washing machine was little more than a rock against which laundry was beaten. In that year, the washing board was invented, making the process of cleaning one s laundry astronomically easier. More than a century later in 1908 cleaning one s clothes took another quantum leap forward with the advent of the electric washing machine. Now, as we re fresh into the 21st century, we cannot imagine scrubbing our laundry against a washing board, let alone stumbling down to the river s edge and beating our clothes against a rock. Similarly, but at a much accelerated pace thanks to computers, we are able to eliminate life s little inconveniences around the home. Home automation is taking a lot of the tedium out of our lives. Sure, it s simple enough to flip a switch to turn on a light and it s much easier than climbing a ladder to ignite a gas lamp. However, we re at a place in time where we don t even have to touch a light switch anymore a computer can automatically do it for us. Some might call that laziness ; we like to think of it as progress. From piping audio and video through the home to automatically watering the lawn, there are scores of places where Smart Homes can make your life easier, or make it downright cool. If you ve got the time and inclination, there isn t anything that cannot be automated in your home.
If you have some dark, underexposed photos, you may be able to save them using the Shadows/Highlights command discussed in 7. You may also have some washed-out photos where the sky is too light. Don t discard these photos; you may be able to rescue them using layers and blending modes.
In the program, the string array digits holds in order the word equivalents of the digits from zero to nine. The program converts an integer into words by first obtaining each digit of the value and storing those digits, in reverse order, in the int array called n. Then, this array is cycled through from back to front. In the process, each integer value in n is used as an index into digits, with the corresponding string being displayed.
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