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Although the one-dimensional array is the most commonly used, multidimensional arrays are certainly not rare. A multidimensional array is an array that has two or more dimensions, and an individual element is accessed through the combination of two or more indices.
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signal with a rate lower than that of a DS3 (such as a DS1, for example) is provided by a Virtual Tributary (VT) frame structure. VTs are specifically intended to support the transport and switching of payload capacity that is less than that provided by the STS-1 SPE. By design, the VT frame structure fits neatly into the STS-1 SPE in order to simplify VT multiplexing capabilities. A fixed number of whole VTs may be assembled within the STS-1 SPE.
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4.16.2 Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams
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The effect of bit errors clearly is more damaging to data traffic than to voice traffic, but the effect of slips is not so obvious. The results of a study on the impact of slips on different services can be summarized thus:
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4. Examine documentation related to the declaration of a disaster and the initiation of disaster response. Determine whether the methods for declaration are likely to be effective in a disaster scenario. 5. Obtain emergency contact information, and contact some of the personnel to see whether the contact information is accurate and up-to-date. Also determine whether all response personnel are still employed in the organization and that they are in the same or similar roles in support of disaster response efforts. 6. Obtain contact information for off-site storage providers, hot-site facilities, and critical suppliers. Determine whether these organizations are still providing services to the organization. Call some of the contacts to determine the accuracy of the documented contact information. 7. Obtain logical and physical architecture diagrams for key IT applications that support critical business processes. Determine whether BC documentation includes recovery procedures for all components that support those IT applications. See whether documentation includes recovery for end users and administrators for the applications. 8. Contact some or all of the response personnel who are listed in emergency contact lists. Interview them and see how well they understand their disaster response responsibilities, and whether they are familiar with disaster response procedures. Ask each interviewee if they have a copy of these procedures. See if their copies are current. 9. If the organization uses a hot site, examine one or more systems to determine whether they have the proper versions of software, patches, and configurations. Examine procedures and records related to the tasks in support of keeping standby systems current. Determine whether these procedures are effective. 10. If the organization has a warm site, examine the procedures used to bring standby systems into operational readiness. Examine warm-site systems to see whether they are in a state where readiness procedures will likely be successful. 11. If the organization has a cold site, examine all documentation related to the acquisition of replacement systems and other components. Determine whether the procedures and documentation are likely to result in systems capable of hosting critical IT applications and within the period required to meet key recovery objectives. 12. Determine whether any documentation exists regarding the relocation of key personnel to the hot/warm/cold processing site. See whether the documentation specifies which personnel are to be relocated, and what accommodations and supporting logistics are provided. Determine the effectiveness of these relocation plans. 13. Determine whether backup and off-site (or e-vaulting) storage procedures are being followed. Examine systems to ensure that critical IT applications are being backed up, and that proper media are being stored off-site (or that the proper data is being e-vaulted). Determine whether data recovery tests are ever performed, and whether results of those tests are documented and problems are properly dealt with.
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void display(int *num) { int i; for(i=0; i<10; i++) printf("%d ", num[i]); }
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Filter Design
1. Administrative responsibilities: Effective administration would ensure effective maintenance and eventually prevent failures. However, bridge safety is directly linked to the basic funding required for maintenance purposes. It is also the engineer s bread and butter to design and maintain bridges. Failures, if correctly diagnosed, lead to improvements in design and maintenance procedures. Besides design codes regularly being updated, it is also important to understand the role of overseeing and to ensure that adequate funding is provided by the federal and state agencies. 2. The federal/state role: Since potential failures are a hazard to public safety, they fall under the jurisdiction of federal government agencies such as: The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is the main agency to oversee highway bridges for: Maintenance Safety Reestablishing mobility Reconstructing bridges after a catastrophic failure.
Console.WriteLine(); i = a; // convert to int Console.WriteLine("Result of i = a: " + i); Console.WriteLine(); i = a * 2 - b; // convert to int Console.WriteLine("result of a * 2 - b: " + i); } }
Measure the average mass of a split pea and calculate its volume. Calculate the mass and volume of a mole of split peas. Compare the mass and volume of a mole of split peas to the masses and volumes of atoms and compounds.
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
The C# Language
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// Use explicit implementation to remove ambiguity. using System; interface IMyIF_A { int Meth(int x); } interface IMyIF_B { int Meth(int x); } // MyClass implements both interfaces. class MyClass : IMyIF_A, IMyIF_B { // Explicitly implement the two Meth()s. int IMyIF_A.Meth(int x) { return x + x; } int IMyIF_B.Meth(int x) { return x * x; } // Call Meth() through an interface reference. public int MethA(int x){ IMyIF_A a_ob; a_ob = this; return a_ob.Meth(x); // calls IMyIF_A } public int MethB(int x){ IMyIF_B b_ob; b_ob = this; return b_ob.Meth(x); // calls IMyIF_B } } class FQIFNames { static void Main() { MyClass ob = new MyClass(); Console.Write("Calling IMyIF_A.Meth(): "); Console.WriteLine(ob.MethA(3));
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