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Security Basics
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The Need for a New Transport Solution
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Environments with fewer than 200 continuous connections (a connection that starts up and checks out a startup license, then forms a connection such as a XenApp or Access Gateway connection), or an agent connection (such as a Password Manager Agent connection that connects to the license server during startup and ends the connection after it has completely started) can typically utilize a shared license server (shared with other applications). This shared server resource should be stable and highly available. If there are between 200 and 5,000 continuous connections or agent connections to the license server, a server should be dedicated to running the Citrix licensing software. In large enterprise environments, multiple dedicated license servers may be required (approximately one for every 500 connections). If the environment is larger than 5,000 continuous connections or agent connections, a license server should be dedicated to each Citrix product. Here are some other guidelines for multiple license servers: When you have geographically dispersed sites that each need a local license server When you have multiple Citrix products across a WAN and one of those products, such as Password Manager, requires a local license server When you want to segment departments by license server for ownership or security purposes When you have one product (of several) that requires licensing customizations to communicate across a firewall and there are a lot of license files on the license server
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License keys are tied to the serial number of your appliance. The serial number is located on the motherboard and can be obtained by using the show version command discussed earlier in the OS Upgrades section. When purchasing a licensed feature on the appliance, like WebVPN sessions for an ASA, you will receive a product authorization code from your Cisco authorized reseller. You ll then need to log into the Cisco site using your CCO account and enter your appliance serial number, along with the product authorization code, to obtain a new license key. Since your serial number was used to create the key, the key can only be used on the associated appliance.
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Value Syntax <length> | <percentage> | inherit Initial Value 0 Percentages refer to height of containing block Inherited no
Typical Deployment/Scenarios
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Peptide Bond Dipoles
Using Event Accessors
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