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increasing or decreasing the pulse s duty cycle into this LC filter, the average DC output voltage will increase or decrease. D1 protects Q1 from the inductive kickback of the stored charge within L1, which would normally produce a very high spike of voltage into the emitter during switching. The voltage divider of R1 and R2 program the desired output voltage of the switching regulator by using the voltage dropped across R2 as a comparison to the zener s reference voltage, which then turns on or off the comparator, and thus controls the VCO, all depending on the voltage level across R2. Most of the above circuit is found in IC form, with built-in current-limiting and thermal protection. A widely used integrated version, with typical support components, is displayed in Fig. 8.49. This is a common regulator arrangement in many production switching-mode power supplies. As above, R1 and R2 program the desired output voltage, with the voltage across R2 being fed back by the feedback line to the internal comparator circuits. The low-pass filter is composed of L1 and COUT, with D1 shunting the inductive kickback of a discharging L1 to ground (when the IC switches off), instead of across the IC. C1 is used to give the regulator stability at higher current draws. Further filtering at the regulator s output may be required if undesirable ripple amplitudes are still present.
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The digital darkroom gives you more power than ever before to salvage, improve, and correct your photographs. But the darkroom is also an artist s studio, filled with the brushes and colors to convert a photograph of the everyday world into a universe that exists only in your creation. In this chapter we re going to look at some of the ways you can use Adobe Elements to unleash that creativity lurking behind your eyes. If you don t have Elements, you can download a fully functional, 30-day trial for Windows and Macs at You ll also find similar photo-editing tools in other programs, such as Paintshop Pro and Microsoft Picture It. They may do things a bit differently and have different names for their tools, but the concepts are the same. And with any of these programs, no matter how earnest your intentions, it s important to experiment and play. They have dozens of tools to manipulate images and most of those tools have scores of settings that change the way they work. Add the fact that you can apply multiple tools in different orders, and it s safe to say that even the most experienced user doesn t know everything that Elements and its kin can do. So play and experiment. Pretend you and your photo editor have the same pictures to use that I do. And below are some playtime activities to show you what wonders await you in a digital darkroom.
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So far, you have only asked the user to specify the month and not the year. You could include the accounting year in the prompt as well, or you could get the current year from the RDBMS s system date. Either users can include a Current Year condition in their query or you may have a compound WHERE clause in the object Current YTD Sales:
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Higher Purpose Statement
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Refrigerator Losses Assume that our 8-cubic-foot refrigerator with 2-inch foam insulation draws 5.5 amps at 12 volts DC and has a 40% duty cycle. Its daily consumption would be: 5.5 amps 24 hours 0.40 = 52.8 Ah, or 0.63 kilowatthour. If we were to double the insulation of the refrigerator walls to 4 inches, install a better door gasket and install a trap in the drain, we would probably reduce the refrigerator s total heat loss by half, or 0.315 kilowatt-hour/day. Over 10 years of continuous use, the savings would amount to 1,186 kilowatt-hours. The most effective way to double the refrigerator insulation would be to line the inside of the box with 2inch polyurethane foam board and then glass over the foam. If accessible, cavities between the box and the hull and cabinetry can be lled with expanding foam.
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Operating wavelength 1530 1580 nm Isolation loss < 1.5 dB Isolation > 60 dB Input reflection < 60 dB
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Plasma or Serum Glucose Level (mg/dL) 95 105 180 155 165 140
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The first parameter that you must specify is the destination network number. If you omit the subnet mask for the network number, it defaults to the Class A (, B (, or C ( default subnet mask, depending on the network number of the destination. After the subnet mask parameter, you can specify how to reach the destination network in one of two ways: you can tell the router the next hop neighbor s IP address or the interface the router should exit to reach the destination network. You should use the former method if the link is a multi-access link (the link has more than two devices on it three routers, for instance). You can use the latter method if it is a point-to-point link. In this instance, you must specify the name of the interface on the router, like so: serial0. Optionally, you can change the administrative distance of a static route. If you omit this value, it will have one of two defaults, depending on the configuration of the previous parameter. If you specified the next hop neighbor s IP address, then the administrative distance defaults to 1. If you specified the interface on the router it should use to reach the destination, the router treats the route as a connected route and assigns an administrative distance of 0 to it. Note that you can create multiple static routes to the same destination. For instance, you might have primary and backup paths to the destination. For the primary path, use the default administrative distance value. For the backup path, use a number higher than this, such as 2. Once you have configured a backup path, the router will use the primary path, and if the interface on the router fails for the primary path, the router will use the backup route. The permanent parameter will keep the static route in the routing table even when the interface the router uses for the static route fails. If you omit this parameter, and the interface used by the static route fails, the router will remove this route from its routing table and attempt to find an alternative path to place in the routing table.
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SDM supports wizards to simplify the setting up of common features, as well
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Hide/Show The Hide or Show Information option will place a small information bar at the top of the graph or hide Information it, depending on the current state. Note that in Figure 6-10, a small bar at the top shows that the current measure is Gross Profit. This is useful because nowhere else does the chart indicate the current measure. Not only will measures show here, but if the designer has added filters to the background, such as showing data only for female customers, the information bar would show the measure and Gender: Female. Table 6-1 The Options Available to a User when Right-Clicking on a Bar in an Analytic Report (Continued)
class Test<T> where T : struct {
Friction Blade Bullet or snap
project A coordinated and managed sequence of tasks that results in the realization of an objective or goal. project change management The process of controlling a project plan and budget through formal reviews of changes. project evaluation and review technique (PERT) A visual representation of a project plan that shows project tasks, timelines, and dependencies. project management The activities that are used to control, measure, and manage the activities in a project. Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) A project management guide that defines the essentials of project management. project plan The chart of tasks in a project, which also includes start and completion dates, resources required, and dependencies and relationships between tasks. project planning The activities that are related to the development and management of a project. project schedule tion dates. The chart of tasks in a project with their expected start and comple-
This relation holds for each resistor in the circuit shown in Fig. 3-7. Applying KCL at the node where the rst resistor is connected to the voltage source,
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