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overloaded with traffic from its member servers while, at the same time, limiting the amount of additional load on the ZDCs and bandwidth required by multiple zones. The inter-zone traffic should be both minimized and balanced between ZDCs. The number of zones needed by a farm is dependent on the topology of the site in which the farm is being deployed, the number of users connecting to the farm, the number of simultaneous user logons, the number of published applications with load evaluators attached, and the length of time the average user stays logged on to a session (a single daily session or repeated short sessions), and it should be kept to a minimum. The fewer zones a farm has, the more it will scale. The reason is this: every time a dynamic event occurs such as a logon, a logoff, or a disconnect an update is sent to the ZDC. The ZDC must then forward the update to all other ZDCs in the farm. This consumes both bandwidth and CPU processing because the other ZDCs must keep up with the events in other zones, as well as in their own. Zones should not always be based on subnets. Zones can scale beyond 500 servers, unless other environmental conditions warrant limiting their size. Suppose, for example, a company has a Presentation Server farm containing 1000 servers distributed between two distinct data centers, which each host 500 servers. In this case, it would be more desirable to create two separate zones of 500 member servers each. In another scenario, this company plans to expand operations to a small, remote site in another location that would house 10 Presentation Servers in the same farm. In this case, it would be optimal for the servers in the new location to join one of the original site s zones. The reason is based on the number of events that would flow across the wide area network (WAN). If the new site was placed in its own zone, the data collector for the new zone would receive replicated events from all the other data collectors in the farm. The number of events (logons, logoffs, and so forth) coming from the other zones would be in the tens of thousands. On the other hand, the number of events generated by the new zone would be in the hundreds. It is optimal not to have to replicate the data collector traffic if this is unnecessary. Therefore, by consolidating the new site into the one of the original zones, the only traffic flowing across the WAN link would be events sent from the new site s member servers to the original site s ZDC.
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In this example, the ACL has two statements. I ll now insert a statement between the two ACLs:
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factors associated with this, the team believes that a higher level of confidence in installations and making reliable commitments due to confidence in VDC tools is one of the major factors in this increase in PPC. Conclusions This case study presented guidelines on how to use VDC tools for the challenging task of the coordination of MEP systems on a real construction project. Results from the experience indicate that project participants can gain tremendous benefits following the process outlined. DPR continues to apply this process to other projects and will continue to refine these guidelines. The construction delivery process can be further enhanced by a systematic study and analysis of the handoffs that happen among a multistakeholder design team using VDC tools. On the Camino MOB project, the project team felt that the use of models helped the design team members visualize and understand the construction sequence and ask questions that they traditionally would not ask until construction was underway. The A/E team members also felt that they had to play a greater role during the design coordination and provide information to the detailing team of the subcontractors in much smaller batches than they are used to. The project team also realized that numerous reciprocal dependencies exist among systems, and the use of VDC tools in a big room helped resolve some of these dependencies quickly rather than through the traditional method. This indicates that there is a greater need to study the application of VDC tools on other projects and a need for creating a new design coordination method that takes advantage of the VDC tools. Although VDC tools have been around, these are truly remarkable times when project teams such as Camino MOB are seeing true benefits from the use of these tools in a collaborative environment. The Camino MOB experience points to the fact that we can improve as an industry by following the Deming cycle of continuous improvement, the plan-do-check-act cycle. With the VDC tools along with the right process, teams can gain this benefit from working together, developing a purpose, and adjusting along the way by creating a learning environment on the project. Our hope is that the book inspires others to emulate the experience of the DPR project team and to become reflective practitioners. Acknowledgments We would like to acknowledge Sutter Health, Camino Medical Group, DPR Construction, Inc., Hawley Peterson and Snyder Architects, Capital Engineering Consultants, KPFF Structural Engineers, The Engineering Enterprise, Southland Industries, Cupertino Electric, JW McLenahan Company, and North Star Fire Protection for contributing to this report. We would also like to thank Dr. Martin Fischer, Executive Director of CIFE, Stanford University, for his insights when the project team was developing the guidelines. Specifically, we would like to thank Yumi Clevenger of DPR Construction, Inc., for proofreading the chapter and helping make it better.
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int ferror(FILE *stream)
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One advantage to the byte-oriented I/O used by FileStream is that you can use it on any type of file not just those that contain text. For example, the following program copies any type of file, including executable files. The names of the source and destination files are specified on the command line.
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Exploring the C# Library
// An alternate way to start a thread. using System;
Because every virtual guest server is just a file on a disk, it s easy to copy (or clone) a system to create a new one. To copy an existing server, just copy the entire directory of the current virtual server.
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