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Figure 13.4 Media Convergence in the Digital Age
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Numerical Aperture
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A significant challenge is the lack of a standardized way to measure footprints. Even though dermatoglyphic patterns of the footprints may be robust and distinctive, like fingerprints, the foot s dynamic features will be affected by weight, type of shoes, injuries, age, and so forth. Although, arguably, a lack of empirical evidence exists, the high distinctiveness of footprint patterns is generally accepted in both the scientific community and courts.25 On the other hand, the distinctiveness of footprint pressure is an untested hypothesis. In operational terms, the use of footprint ridges as a measure is likely to be cumbersome and intrusive because it requires one to remove shoes for the ridges to be scanned. But the approach that measures foot dynamics as one walks or runs is passive and readily acceptable. Data and testing are required to establish footprints as a viable biometric for automatic recognition. Research is being conducted at several locations, including the National Institute of Longevity Sciences (NILS) in Japan. Scientists at NILS have measured the footprint pressure distribution using a pressure-sensitive mat and claim an 85 percent recognition rate. Footprint identification (pressure distribution) has a covert capability and can serve to complement gait recognition. But one would have to somehow direct the person to walk on the pressure-sensitive mat. A need exists to understand better how footwear and other pertinent factors impact pressure distribution.
Table 7.2 Useful service life for superstructure and substructure members. No. 1A 1B 1C 1D 2 3 4 Location of Member Terminal decks Rehabilitation/ Protective Measures Useful Service Life* (Years) Remarks Maximum life of bituminous overlay is eight years Replace membrane each time overlay is replaced
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Let s take a look at an example to illustrate the placement of standard ACLs. Use the network shown in Figure 22-1. In this example, the user ( should be prevented from accessing the server ( Here is the ACL configuration:
Without saying so explicitly, we have implicitly assumed in our discussion of area in the last section that our function f is positive, that is, its graph lies about the x-axis. But of course many functions do not share that property. We nevertheless would like to be able to calculate areas determined by such functions, and to calculate the corresponding integrals. This turns out to be simple to do. Consider the function y = f (x) shown in Figure 4.11. It is negative on the interval [a, b] and positive on the interval [b, c]. Suppose that we wish to calculate the shaded area as in Figure 4.12. We can do so by breaking the problem into pieces. Of course, because f 0, the area between x = b and x = c is given by c the integral b f (x) dx, just as we have discussed in the last section. But our
Figure 2.8 Virtual networks.
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