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// Overload []. #include <iostream> using namespace std; const int SIZE = 3; class atype { int a[SIZE]; public: atype() { register int i; for(i=0; i<SIZE; i++) a[i] = i; } int operator[](int i) {return a[i];} }; int main() { atype ob; cout << ob[2]; return 0; } // displays 2
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All Fives have an intense need to acquire knowledge and wisdom and a similarly strong desire to avoid intrusion and loss of energy, and they guard and preserve everything that they think they will need for example, information, physical space, emotional privacy, personal energy, and resources. There are three distinct ways in which Fives manifest these characteristics, called subtypes. Self-Preservation Subtype Fives are primarily concerned with being intruded upon and being overextended physically and energetically. In a sense, they hoard their involvement with others in the same way they guard their scarce resources. Social Subtype Fives want to find and develop strong connections with individuals who share their super-ideals, but they become disengaged when
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even if it means reshuffling the boxes in order to make it appear. Clicking on a stack on either end will deal the boxes just as it did in the Professional client. Finally, the Standard version of the Decomposition Tree has one advantage over the Professional client s Decomposition Tree: there is a Measure dropdown at the top of the decomposition. This allows the user to easily change the measure without rerunning the wizard (which doesn t exist in the Standard client). It is a simple feature that makes analysis just a bit easier. Figure 6-60 shows the Standard client Decomposition Tree and the Measure drop-down.
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Scanners are actually oversized digital cameras that are really good at only photographing flat objects, such as printed pictures and pages of text. The most important difference between the two is that, instead of a rectangle packed with an array of photodiodes that you find in a camera, most scanners have simply one to a half-dozen rows of diodes, or pixels. Those few rows of pixels capture the image, whether text or graphic, by reading the light and color values of the image as a light moves beneath the bed of glass and a system of mirrors reflects the image to the stationary bank of diodes called the scanning head. The result of using a scanner is the same as using a digital camera: images are converted into bits of 0s and 1s. Shapes and colors receive numerical values. The bits are saved to a film on your hard drive. Then, using a program such as Adobe Elements, you restore the images to their original, unblemished glory. If you do not already have a scanner, the most important thing to know about them is this: They re cheap. You can spend thousands of dollars on scanners that are designed for professional graphics companies. Or you can buy a decent scanner for under $100. Here s what to look for.
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When users use an application delivery platform, policies will need to be set about where their data will be stored for different applications (central server storage versus local storage). Creating broad policies that extend across all application delivery infrastructure users will greatly facilitate the ability of help desk personnel to provide prompt support.
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Notice that out is not specified again in the interface clause of MyClass. Not only is it not needed, but also it would be an error to attempt to specify it again. Now, assume the following simple class hierarchy:
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Accessing Con guration Mode
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Being generous with your photos may be the best way to ensure their immortality. Once a picture, joke, or message makes it into e-mail, it takes on a life of its own. You can t call it back, and you can t control what other people do with it. Chances are, if your photos are good enough, funny enough, or breathtaking enough, your pictures could get passed along to people you ll never know.
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Case Studies
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border, border-bottom, border-bottom-style, border-bottom-width, border-color, color border-bottom-style border-bottom-style sets the style of the bottom border of an element.
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Methods De ned by Char (continued)
c. Total attenuation from Rayleigh scattering and 1600 nm light absorption.
Win 3.1 Components
Related Reference Documents Applicable Ordinances and Regulations Equipment and Coating Manufacturer s Published Instructions and Product Data Sheets
Player Connections
Calculate the Cumulative Surplus Funds
240 mm
An Exodermic bridge deck is comprised of a reinforced concrete slab on top of, and composite with an un lled steel grid. Exodermic decks are made composite with the steel superstructure by welding headed studs to stringers, oor beams, and main girders as applicable, and embedding these headed studs in full depth concrete. This system maximizes the use of the compressive strength of concrete and the tensile strength of steel. The system has overall thicknesses ranging from 6 to 9 inches while weighing 35 to 50 percent less than a standard reinforced concrete deck of the same span. Reducing the dead load of the deck with this system can increase the live load rating. The concrete component of an exodermic deck can be precast or cast-in-place. When the concrete is cast-in-place, the steel grid component acts as a form, and the strength of the grid permits elimination of the bottom half of a standard reinforced concrete slab. Precast exodermic decks have the bene t of quick installation; they can be erected during short, nighttime work periods, allowing a bridge to be kept fully open to traf c during higher traf c volume hours. This area is poured at the same time as the reinforced concrete deck when the deck is cast-in-place, or separately when the deck is precast. Exodermic decks require no eld welding other than that required for the placement (with an automatic tool) of the headed shear studs. While the design of exodermic decks is patented, the availability of the grid from multiple, independent, licensed suppliers allows it to be considered generic and it does not need to be speci ed as a proprietary product. The major advantage to the system, besides reduced dead load, is the installation time. Approximately 750 to 1000 sq ft of the cast-in-place system can be installed in a standard eight-hour period. For example, as reported in literature, using a precast exodermic system, 1900 sq ft was installed on the Gowanus Expressway per overnight closing in 2001 and 2000 sq ft per seven hour closing was installed on the Tappan Zee Bridge in 1997. The system has been in use since the mid-1980s, and suf cient history and performance does not exist to support this prediction. Cracking is dependent on properly cured concrete and the relative stiffness of the superstructure. The manufacturer suggests using an overlay system and prefers an asphalt overlay over LMC or other concrete overlays to increase the speed of construction. Overlays also allow for accommodating vertical geometric variations as opposed to a bare concrete deck. The major disadvantage to this system is initial cost. Not accounting for savings due to accelerated construction (reduced maintenance and protection of traf c requirements and shorter construction duration), the cost of an exodermic deck is approximately twice the initial construction cost of a cast-in place deck (materials only). Bridges that do not have simple horizontal and vertical geometry and involve severe skews, small radii curves, or variable cross slopes should use the cast-in-place decks, negating the accelerated construction advantages of the system.
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