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6. A swimming pool is V-shaped. Each end of the pool is an inverted equilateral triangle of side 8 feet. The pool is 20 feet long. The pool is full. Set up, but do not calculate, the integral for the pressure on one end of the pool. 7. A man climbs a ladder with a 80-pound sack of sand that is leaking one pound per minute. If he climbs steadily at the rate of 4 feet per minute, and if the ladder is 20 feet high, then how much work does he do in climbing the ladder 8. Because of a prevailing wind, the force that opposes a certain runner is 2x 2 + 3x + 4 pounds at position x. How much work does this runner perform as he runs from x = 2 to x = 10 (with distance measured in feet) 9. Set up, but do not evaluate, the integrals for each of the following arc length problems. (a) The length of the curve y = cos x, 0 x /2 (b) The length of the curve x 2 = y3 , 1 x 4 (c) The length of the curve sin y = x, 0 y /2 (d) The length of the curve y = x 2 , 1 x 3 10. Set up the integral for, but do not calculate, the average value of the given function on the given interval. 2 (a) f (x) = sin x [1, 4] (b) g (x) = tan x [0, /3] 2x , [ 2, 2] (c) h(x) = x+1 sin x [ /2, ] (d) f (x) = 2 + cos x 11. Write down the sum that will estimate the given integral using the method of rectangles with mesh of size k. You need not actually evaluate the sum.
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Major Employers in the Game Industry, The IGDA Breaking In Page, Programming Tools, Art Tools, 296 296 297 Audio Tools, Office Tools,
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C. Low-Pressure Spraying (ACI RAP-3)
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ROADM with Ethernet Thin-Mux Blades
2XX Success (only code 200 is defined, which means that the request has been understood and has been performed. In the case of an INVITE, a response of 200 is used to indicate that the called party has accepted the call). 3XX Redirection (such as 302, which indicates that the called party is not available at the addresses used in the request and that the request should be reissued to a new address included with the response). 4XX Request Failure (such as 401, which indicates that the client is not authorized to make the request). 5XX Server Failure (such as 505, which indicates that the server does not support the SIP version specified in the request). 6XX Global Failure (such as 604, indicating that the called user does not exist anywhere).
Value-add vs. basic voice
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