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B y default, duplicate rows are removed in the results o f S Q L statements with the U N I O N , INTERSECT, and E X C E P T ( M I N U S ) keywords. If you want to retain duplicate rows, use the A L L keyword after the operator. For example, the U N I O N A L L keyword per forms a union operation but does not remove duplicate rows.
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17: Searching the FBI s Civil Files: Public Safety v. Civil Liberty
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IOS Basics
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TABLE 27.1 Protocol Analyzer Products.
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Sharp border demarcation Concave moth-eaten borders (black arrows) Pseudonetwork (boxes) Homogeneous color (stars) Remnants of the fingerprint pattern (white arrows)
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11.02. The CD includes a multimedia demonstration of using context-sensitive help on a Cisco router.
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Ill 6-4
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Zoom levels
for the failover link this must be exactly the same on both appliances. Then you need to enable the interface for LBF: this can be a physical interface or a logical subinterface associated with a particular VLAN:
Charges in a polar medium such as water
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Beyond the fundamental approach of how content may be accessed, a range of advanced applications were considered for the platform including (but certainly not limited to) j The ability to select objects displayed in the feature video, adding them to a wishlist for later purchase. j Viewer-generated bookmarks that make it easy to jump to any part of the disc. j Popup trivia questions tied to events taking place in the film. j The screenplay text displayed in a scrolling window next to or over the video, remaining in sync with the video. j Multi-player games in which two or more direct viewers can play together simultaneously using multiple controllers or multiple players connected over the Internet. j Director s commentary in which the director appears over the video and is able to point out key areas in the video with graphical indicators (like a chalk board). j Scrapbook feature in which the viewer is able to take snapshots of the film by pressing a button while the movie plays, making a custom montage of the film. j Coloring book application in which the viewer can chose a scene from the movie, and bring up the image for coloring with interactive paint brushes and colors. The list is a very small set of the types of applications that have been envisioned for the new disc formats, all of which are designed around the feature itself.
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
The String Comparison Methods (continued)
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