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FIGURE 1-8 Major product innovations
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dimension will create dbo.D_Account table in the Budget_ StagingDB database. The default NONE member from the Account dimension is also loaded into that table. The Account dimension members from any external source can be loaded into D_Account table using ETL process and/or tools such as SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). As always, the fields Label and Name are required fields. Another required field that should be populated by the ETL process in the case of any dimension is the BizSystemFlag. Any other required field, such as the AccountTypeMemberId in the case of Account dimension, should also be populated in the Staging Database before data can be loaded from the Staging Database to the Application Database. When you are loading dimension data from the staging database to the application database in Planning Business Modeler, all changes to dimension data in the staging database will be integrated into the application database. This includes new dimension member rows, updated dimension member rows, and deleted dimension member rows. Dimension members that are not changed in the staging database remain unchanged in the application database. This makes the process of loading data from the staging database to the application database, the recommended process for loading dimension data in all cases as long as the data is available from external sources including an existing data warehouse. However, the proper integration of staging database changes to the application database is controlled by the value of the BizSystemFlag field mentioned in the previous paragraph. The possible values of BizSystemFlag, and the operation performed by the data integration process for each of these values, is given in Table 7-2. By looking at Table 7-2, you can see that any ETL process that populates the dbo. D_Account table in the staging database for the first time should set the value of BizSystemFlag to 200, at least for the purpose of the examples in this chapter. After populating the staging database table, the next step in loading dimension data from staging database is to click the Load This Dimension from Staging Area link in the BizSystemFlag Value Data Integration Action Taken
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TFTP Policy Configuration
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Following is an example where an explicit copy constructor is needed. This program creates a very simple safe integer array type that prevents array boundaries from being overrun. Storage for each array is allocated by the use of new, and a pointer to the memory is maintained within each array object.
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A pickup tr uck conversion is the best alter native over a car or van.
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If you want to see more detailed statistics regarding LMI than what the show interfaces command displays, you can use the show frame-relay lmi command, shown here:
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Uppercase and lowercase are different; that is, to C#, myvar and MyVar are separate names. Here are some examples of acceptable identifiers:
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2.01 2.02 2.03 Introduction to the OSI Reference Model Layers of the OSI Reference Model Encapsulation and De-encapsulation
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
11: Developing Applications Ideally, the vendor you pick will have exactly the application that you want. Within a few minutes you can be up and running. But the fact of the matter is that they might not have exactly what you want. In this case you can build your own applications. In this chapter we will talk about what prominent vendors offer in terms of application development and then we will walk you through the steps of creating your own applications using the Google AppEngine, s tools, and Microsoft s Cloud OS, Azure. 12: Local Clouds and Thin Clients Another approach to the cloud does not involve
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
Relational DBMS Support for Data Warehouses 16.3.1 16.3.2 16.3.3 16.3.4 Relational Data Modeling for Multidimensional 567 571 5 74 Dimension Representation for Multidimensional Data
Use with Section 19.4
Figure 10 - 1 Acrobat Catalog preferences
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The type parameter is declared after the method name, but before the parameter list. Also notice that CopyInsert( ) is static, enabling it to be called independently of any object. Understand, though, that generic methods can be either static or non-static. There is no restriction in this regard. Now, notice how CopyInsert( ) is called within Main( ) by use of the normal call syntax, without the need to specify type arguments. This is because the types of the arguments are automatically discerned, and the type of T is adjusted accordingly. This process is called type inference. For example, in the first call:
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