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Talking about Yourself, Your R sum and Cover Letter, Don t Get Cute, 183
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The fifth link on the left pane of the Planning Administration Console page is used for managing the Global Administrator Role. Members of the Global Administrator role can configure settings on all computers that are running PerformancePoint Server Planning Server in the system. Members of the Global Administrator role can perform the following tasks in the Planning Administration Console: Create or delete applications and model sites Modify application and model site properties Add users to or remove users from Planning Server Manage role membership for the Global Administrator and User Administrator roles Edit server system settings (such as session, work ow, and auditing settings) Remove the checked-out status for objects on a model site Manage data source and data destination connections On the Global Administrator Role page, users who currently belong to the role are listed in the User ID column. You must belong to the Global Administrator role to add users to or remove users from the Global Administrator role. The first member of the Global Administrator role is designated during the installation of Planning Server. This user will be able to add other members to the Global Administrator role through the Planning Administration Console. Before you can add a user to any Planning Server role, including the Global Administrator role, the user must first be added to the Planning Server from the Users page. A user can be added to the Global Administrator role by first typing the User ID in the box next to the Add button, and then clicking the Add button. The User ID must be entered in the <domain>\<login> format. A user can be removed from the Global Administrator role by selecting the radio button next to the user and clicking the Remove button. For the purpose of the examples given in this chapter, the first member of the Global Administrator role designated during the installation of Planning Server is PerfPointServer\Administrator. Note that no additional users were added to the Global Administrator role from the Global Administrator management page.
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Do not install applications to target servers across a WAN. The amount of bandwidth and time required to install an application over a WAN can congest the network for extended periods of time, which can result in networking timeouts. To avoid this situation, do the following: Create a new application package at the remote site where the application is to be deployed. If there is more than one remote target server, copy the package and the associated installation files over the WAN once, and then deploy it on that segment.
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Wireless Essentials
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Gopher was also a client-server system. It provided a menu of choices, and it allowed you to set up bookmarks of locations you liked. Like previous Internet accesses, it was designed around the user having a dumb ASCII terminal. Thus, it provided menus and minimalist keystrokes to make a selection. That was the good part. Unfortunately, the single keystrokes were not always intuitive. The intent was that you would launch the Gopher client from your own host and communicate with the Gopher server on the remote host. It was possible to telnet to a remote host and then launch Gopher, but this was painfully slow and created excessive network traffic. Remember that the interconnection of hosts was often with 56 kb/s lines.
Without proper management, sales compensation programs can sometimes require unwarranted, elaborate, administrative systems and costly software solutions. To reduce unnecessary administrative burdens, consider the following recommendations:
Media and Control
and carefully remove the K wire and place in the funnel. Place the funnel with the K copper wire in another beaker. Slightly lift the copper wire from the funnel and carefully pour the contents of beaker 2 over the copper wire, rinsing the wire. Set the copper wire aside to dry. Remove the filter paper from the funnel and set it aside to dry. Repeat steps 14 and 15 using the copper wire labeled Ag and rinsing the wire with the contents of beaker 1. Set both the copper wire and filter paper with residue aside to dry. Once dry, weigh and record the masses of both the copper wire and filter paper (with possible residue) labeled K. Once dry, weigh and record the masses of both the copper wire and filter paper (with possible residue) labeled Ag. Complete the tables and calculations.
A fern-frond pattern is induced by unopposed estrogen. Progesterone inhibits the effects of estrogen on ferning and makes the mucus thick and cellular (seen in ovulation). See Figure 2-2, page 22 Usually performed in the office and requires only local anesthetic
The prototype for _dos_getftime( ) is in <dos.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. This function is obsolete and not recommended for future code. The function _dos_getftime( ) returns the time and date of creation for the file associated with file descriptor fd in the integers pointed to by ftime and fdate. The file must have been opened using either _dos_open( ), _dos_creatnew( ), or _dos_creat( ). The bits in the object pointed to by ftime are encoded as shown here:
4. The DHCP server responds with a DHCPACK, which is an acknowledgment to the client indicating that it received the DHCPREQUEST message and that the client accepted the addressing information. The server can also respond with a DHCPNACK, which tells the client the offer is no longer valid and the client should request addressing information again. This can happen if the client is tardy in responding with a DHCPREQUEST message after the server generated the DHCPOFFER message.
A Second Simple Program
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Real-Life Robots: Lessons from Veteran Builders
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