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require major organizational changes creating new sales entities, new jobs, and new accountabilities. Other changes might be more subtle and can be made within the context of the existing sales organization. Whether the changes are major or minor, sales management, in most cases, must realign the sales compensation program to support new goals. Ongoing strategic realignment of the sales compensation program caused by changing corporate objectives confirms the need for periodic review and update of the sales compensation plans. Effective design: Sales compensation plans have numerous features and components. An effective design will properly support strategic objectives of the company and work correctly by providing the right payouts for different levels of actual performance. Additionally, all sales compensation plans must work in concert with one another so that the overall sales compensation program (including crediting practices, quota allocation, and account assignments policies) works in logical unison.An effective sales compensation design ensures that all program features and components work together correctly. Plan management: Communication, training, interpretations, and adjustments are part of successful sales compensation program management. Plan rollout is the primary communication event for the sales compensation program. Communication also includes documentation, promotion, and feedback, and easy access via dedicated Web sites. New hires and newly appointed sales managers need training on the application of the sales compensation program. Plan provision interpretation occurs regularly due to unforeseen events, and minor design issues and adjustments will occasionally need to be made to fix problems. Program administration: Day-to-day administration of the program ensures proper sales crediting, payroll payment files, and management reporting. Program assessment: Regular assessment tests the sales compensation program for success. Numerous assessment methods examine strategic intent, competitiveness of pay, management utility, and sales force motivation. Audit and legal review: Finance audits and legal reviews keep the sales compensation program compliant with company guidelines and policies.
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HSSI, High-Speed Serial Interface
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Here is a program that demonstrates BinaryReader and BinaryWriter. It writes and then reads back various types of data to and from a file.
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receiving router will not propagate this route back to the advertising router on the same interface.
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ActivationContext.contextForm Base64FormattingOptions ConsoleModifiers DayOfWeek EnvironmentVariableTarget GenericUriParserOptions PlatformID TypeCode UriHostNameType UriPartial
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11.1.1 An Overview
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Developer s challenge What if others are responsible and don t demonstrate it the same way you do Developer s follow-on response If the One says, That s not true, or something similar that discounts the challenge entirely, respond by saying: Please de ne what you mean by responsible so we can discuss this in more depth. Then follow the One s response by asking questions such as the following: Do you always do these things What are the ways in which you are not always responsible In what ways have others shown responsibility that is different from the way you do When the One can acknowledge that there are multiple ways to demonstrate responsibility and/or recognize that he or she may be overly responsible, say: Good, now let s talk about what causes you to be so responsible, the price you and others may pay for that, and how you can relax more and still feel good about yourself and the work you do.
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The following comparison operators are defined for vector. ==, <, <=, !=, >, >= The subscripting operator [ ] is also defined for vector. This allows you to access the elements of a vector using standard array subscripting notation. Several of the member functions defined by vector are shown in Table 27-2. Some of the most commonly used member functions are size( ), begin( ), end( ), push_back( ), insert( ), and erase( ). The size( ) function returns the current size of the vector. This function is quite useful because it allows you to determine the size of a vector at run time. Remember, vectors will increase in size as needed, so the size of a vector must be determined during execution, not during compilation. The begin( ) function returns an iterator to the start of the vector. The end( ) function returns an iterator to the end of the vector. As explained, iterators are similar to pointers,
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C++ from the Ground Up
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Arrays and Strings
How to Avoid Unnecessary Administrative Burdens
As you may know, a data structure is a means of organizing data. The simplest data structure is the array, which is a linear list that supports random access to its elements. Arrays are often used as the underpinning for more sophisticated data structures, such as stacks and queues. A stack is a list in which elements can be accessed in first-in, last-out (FILO) order only. A queue is a list in which elements can be accessed in first-in, first-out (FIFO) order only. Thus, a stack is like a stack of plates on a table; the first down is the last to be used. A queue is like a line at a bank; the first in line is the first served. What makes data structures such as stacks and queues interesting is that they combine storage for information with the methods that access that information. Thus, stacks and queues are data engines in which storage and retrieval are provided by the data structure itself and not manually by your program. Such a combination is, obviously, an excellent choice for a class, and in this project, you will create a simple queue class. In general, queues support two basic operations: put and get. Each put operation places a new element on the end of the queue. Each get operation retrieves the next element from the front of the queue. Queue operations are consumptive. Once an element has been retrieved, it cannot be retrieved again. The queue can also become full if there is no space available to store an item, and it can become empty if all of the elements have been removed. There are many different ways to implement a queue. For the sake of brevity, the one we will use is probably the simplest. It creates a single-use, fixed-size queue in which empty locations are not reused. Thus, the queue eventually becomes exhausted and must be discarded. While such queues are quite limited, they are occasionally very useful. For example, such a queue might hold a list of data produced by one process and consumed by another. In this situation, neither the producer nor the consumer would want to reuse a queue. When more data is generated, a new queue is created. The previous queue is simply discarded and eventually garbage-collected. Of course, much more sophisticated queues are possible. Later in this book, you will see another way to implement a queue, called a circular queue, that reuses empty locations in the underlying array when elements are removed. Thus, a circular queue can continue to have elements put in as long as elements are also being taken out. You will also see how to create a dynamic queue, which will automatically expand to hold more elements. But for now, a simple queue will do.
C# defines one special class called object that is an implicit base class of all other classes and for all other types (including the value types). In other words, all other types are derived from object. This means that a reference variable of type object can refer to an object of any
Designing a Voice over IP Network
Here, the local variables sum and count are both declared as static and initialized to 0. Remember, for static variables, the initialization occurs only once not each time the function is entered. The program uses r_avg( ) to compute and report the current average of the numbers entered by the user. Because both sum and count are static, they will maintain their values between calls, causing the program to work properly. To prove to yourself that the static modifier is necessary, try removing it and running the program. As you can see, the program no longer works correctly, because the running total is lost each time r_avg( ) returns.
static int k; void f1() { k = 99; // OK }
marked Multimedia PC in the belief that they were the hottest thing going in audio and video for the personal computer. Unfortunately, someone at Disney had decided The Lion King would sound better on a 16-bit sound card and that was the machine they developed it for. It didn t work, as shipped, on the much-vaunted Multimedia PC. Christmas morning 1994 was an unmitigated disaster for Disney. Thousands upon thousands of angry parents called Disney s help line to ask why their game wouldn t work on what they believed was the latest and greatest PC. In the end, over half the games were returned for a refund. If only they had done a configuration test with an 8-bit sound card
where P1 is the power measured before insertion of a connector and P2 is that measured after insertion. SMA connectors, which represent the first generation of connection products, have insertion losses ranging from 0.60 to 0.80 dB. The second generation of connectors, represented by biconic and ST types, have an insertion loss of approximately 0.50 dB. Third-generation connectors, such as the LC and SC, have an insertion loss as low as 0.20 dB.
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