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Universal DC Motors
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7: Planning Module in PerformancePoint Server
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After you have pared down the rules to the one you want to keep, you can save this new profile for future use: Choose Options | Save Rules. The Save Rules dialog opens, and you can either click the Save button to update the current style or click Save As to create a new checking style.
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Fig. S1.14(e)
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LCAS controls the addition/deletion of STS paths to the VCG due to provisioning or failure/restoration LCAS
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TomAdkins ...
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f you re the CEO of a big company (at least one who hasn t been indicted yet), you can leaf mindlessly through any number of Smart Home catalogs, picking and choosing those projects you want to trick out your home. However, if you re a normal person, paging through Smart Home catalogs might start with a quick look at what a certain product does, then immediately scanning down to the bottom of the ad to figure out if you can pay for it. The good news is that most Smart Home projects are quite affordable. Many projects can be started for less than US$100. Naturally, however, when you start adding more and more functionality to your Smart Home, the costs will rise. The good news is, it s easy to get started. Plus, if you use X10 compatible equipment (as we will be doing in this book), it is simplicity itself to add more modules and more functionality. You can either do this as you decide to add more projects or as money makes itself available. In this chapter, we ll help sort through the financial issues related to Smart Home construction. First, we ll talk about determining what you need for your home and look at evaluating both your home and your specific needs. Next, we ll take a look at your budget and how to find some common ground between how
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// Add a unique element to a set. public static Set operator +(Set ob, char ch) { // If ch is already in the set, return a copy of the // original set. if(ob.find(ch) != -1) { // Return a copy of the original set. return new Set(ob); } else { // Return a new set that contains the new element.
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Your Inner Voice The Music of Your Life
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The Stock Market
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IEEE Technical Center Piscataway, NJ 08855 Publishes numerous articles, papers, and proceedings. Expensive, but one of the best sources for recent published technical information on EVs.
6: Signature Recognition and Keystroke Dynamics
Introduction to Cable Communications Systems
These files allow you to log in to Desktop Intelligence in offline mode while still maintaining secure access to documents. Note that the repository does not actually connect you to a data source. Therefore, you can in theory still refresh reports and build new queries while in offline mode. This may be useful if the repository is unavailable due to maintenance or network problems. In order for you to work with universes and create new documents, however, the universe definitions must be stored on a local disk or accessible network drive, and you must still have connectivity to the data source. In reality, you most often will use offline mode with notebook computers while you are traveling and not connected to the network. In this respect, you do not interact with either the BusinessObjects XI repository or the data sources. To work in offline mode, when you launch Desktop Intelligence and log in to the repository, check the box Use In Offline Mode.
Figure 5-20
The power is negative, so the element delivers power. Moving to element 2, now the current points from the + to terminal of the voltage. Therefore, we do not change the sign of the current. So in this case the power is p2 = (5 V) (2 A) = 10 W Since the power is positive, element 2 absorbs power. Moving on to element 3, the current points from the + to terminal of the voltage. The power is p3 = (6 V) (2 A) = 12 W Element 3 also absorbs power. The current owing through element 4 is the 5 A current on the right side of the circuit diagram. This current also ows from positive to negative as indicated by the voltage, so the power is p4 = (20 V) (5 A) = 100 W Finally, we arrive at element 5. In this case, although the magnitudes of the current and voltage are the same, the current ows from the negative to the positive terminals of the voltage source, so the power is p5 = (20 V) ( 5 A) = 100 W The power is negative; therefore, the element 5 is a power supply that delivers power to the circuit.
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Virtually every local government authority requires fire detection, prevention, and suppression controls. However, the minimum controls may be considered inadequate for facilities containing expensive computer and network equipment. For example, regulations requiring water sprinkler suppression systems would certainly extinguish a fire in a data center, but the water would also cause considerable damage. For this reason, different types of detection and suppression systems are often used to protect valuable equipment from fire and suppression agent damage. Fire Prevention Measures that help to prevent fires in the first place contribute to a safer environment. Some measures include: Combustibles Materials such as packing boxes and manuals should be stored away from computer equipment. Reductions in combustible materials make fires less likely to start or spread. Cleanliness Dust can sometimes trigger highly sensitive smoke detectors; this is another reason to practice good cleanliness measures in data centers. Electrical equipment maintenance Maintenance activities such as soldering should not be done near computer equipment. Smoke from soldering can trigger smoke detectors and cause a discharge in fire suppression agents. Fire Detection Facilities can be equipped with more than the minimum required capabilities for smoke detection. Highly sensitive smoke and heat detection systems are available that can provide earlier warning. This gives personnel an added opportunity to identify the cause of the fire and suppress it with limited-impact means such as fire extinguishers. Such measures help to avoid a larger fire that would require more aggressive suppression measures. Commercial buildings also employ many manually operated fire alarms, often called pull stations, where someone who sees a fire can pull the lever to set the alarm manually. In most cases, this causes fire alarms and bells to ring but does not trigger fire suppression. Fire Suppression Most commercial facilities are required to have automatic or semi-automatic fire suppression systems. While the minimum is usually water-based sprinkler systems and a complement of hand-operated fire extinguishers, often an
Before trying to use circle, look closely at the definition for show_area( ). Notice that it uses only the value of x, which is assumed to hold the radius. (Remember, 2 the area of a circle is computed by using the formula R .) However, the function set_dim( ) as defined in figure, assumes that it will be passed two values, not just one. Since circle does not require this second value, what course of action can we take There are two ways to resolve this problem. First and worst, you could simply call set_dim( ) using a dummy value as the second parameter when using a circle object. This has the disadvantage of being sloppy, along with requiring that you remember a special exception, which violates the one interface, many methods philosophy. A better way to resolve the problem is to give the y parameter inside set_dim( ) a default value. Then, when calling set_dim( ) for a circle, you need specify only the radius. When calling set_dim( ) for a triangle or a rectangle, you specify both values. The expanded program, which uses this method, is shown here:
Function Type 0000 0001 0000 0001
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