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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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AP s antenna. If you are having consistent problems, you might want to replace your antenna with a better type.
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drive enclosures at your local computer store.
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occur at harmonics of the reference frequency, and can be created by charge pump leakage and mismatch, PCB cross talk, improper decoupling of DC power into the PLL, and exterior noise and signal source ingress. If the PLL circuit will not lock reliably, or has generally all-around inferior performance:
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By the Light of the Shimmering Laser
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To set QuickCorrect s options, open CorelDRAW s global Options dialog (CTRL+J) and navigate to the QuickCorrect section of the tree, as shown in Figure 16-3.
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U n s a f e C o d e , P o i n t e r s , N u l l a b l e Ty p e s , a n d M i s c e l l a n e o u s To p i c s
// Add a constructor to Triangle. using System; // A class for two-dimensional objects. class TwoDShape { double pri_width; double pri_height; // Properties for Width and Height. public double Width { get { return pri_width; } set { pri_width = value < 0 -value : value; } } public double Height { get { return pri_height; } set { pri_height = value < 0 -value : value; } } public void ShowDim() { Console.WriteLine("Width and height are " + Width + " and " + Height); } } // A derived class of TwoDShape for triangles. class Triangle : TwoDShape { string Style; // Constructor. public Triangle(string s, double w, double h) { Width = w; // init the base class Height = h; // init the base class Style = s; } // Return area of triangle. public double Area() { return Width * Height / 2; } // Display a triangle's style. public void ShowStyle() { Console.WriteLine("Triangle is " + Style); } } // init the derived class
Retina biometrics distinguishes individuals by using the patterns of veins occurring in the back of the eye. A 1935 study by Drs. C. Simon and I. Goldstein first observed the individually distinguishing characteristics of retinal vascular patterns.8 Automated techniques to capture and process retinal patterns for recognition were developed in the 1970s along with the first wave of other early pioneering efforts in digital imaging. Established in 1976, EyeDentify of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, made retinal scanning commercially available for access control in the early 1980s. Retinal scanning is accomplished by illuminating the retina with a low-intensity infrared light and imaging the patterns formed by the major blood vessels. As the retina is located on the back of the eye, the process requires a high degree of cooperation (and a certain amount of agility) from the user to ensure proper illumination and alignment. Although there are small capillary features and other intricate smaller features contained in the retina, retina recognition technologies are based on the vascular patterns formed across the scan circle of the annular region, as shown in Figure 5-3. Templates of aproximately 96 bytes are created from the circular image band by unfolding the band into a linear structure similar to a bar code. The digital block encoding of the vein patterns can then be efficiently stored and compared by computers. An example image of a retina s blood vessels converging around the optic nerve is seen in Figure 5-4. The patterns of the vascular network are thought to be created by a random biological process; thus, there is no propensity for genetic likeness and these patterns are believed to be one of the most individually distinguishable features that humans possess. The author is not aware of any scientific studies addressing long-term stability of vascular patterns, but like fingerprints and irises, retinal patterns are understood to be stable and remain unchanged throughout life. Common sense suggests that retinal vascular patterns will not be willingly altered or disfigured by any human subject. Of course, as is the case with any human physical attribute, the features can be altered as a result of injury or certain diseases. Eye injuries such as a detached retina or severe impact to the eye could result in hemorrhaging, blotching, occlusion, or otherwise damaging or disrupting the vascular network. Glaucoma and diabetes are common diseases that also can affect the retina. Drainage problems and excess fluid pressure in the eye and on the retina are characteristics of glaucoma that can cause deformations, constricting blood vessels on and around the optic nerve. When diabetes affects the retina, the eye disease is called diabetic retinopathy. The disease is progressive and is marked by abnormal blood flow and leakage in the retina that can degrade vision or lead to blindness. Although no studies have established
// Display a string in reverse by using recursion. using System; class RevStr { // Display a string backward. public void DisplayRev(string str) { if(str.Length > 0) DisplayRev(str.Substring(1, str.Length-1)); else return; Console.Write(str[0]); } } class RevStrDemo { static void Main() { string s = "this is a test"; RevStr rsOb = new RevStr(); Console.WriteLine("Original string: " + s); Console.Write("Reversed string: "); rsOb.DisplayRev(s); Console.WriteLine(); } }
Hierarchical Campus Design
Alternatively, with databases that support newer SQL analytic functions, you can calculate ratios as
The prototype for delline( ) is in <conio.h>. The delline( ) function deletes the line in the active window that contains the cursor. All lines below the deleted line are moved up to fill the void. Remember that if the current window is smaller than the entire screen, only the text inside the window is affected.
You use the Photoshop Elements Batch Processing command to convert files from one file type to another. This option is especially useful if you have a
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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