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From a manufacturing viewpoint, a lead-acid battery is one of the most efficient things going. While lead is definitely something you don t want in anything you drink or consume (you don t even want it in the paint on the wall inside your home), the EPA loves lead-acid batteries because more than 97 percent of these batteries are recycled and 100 percent of every battery is recyclable. Battery construction makes this possible. Used lead batteries are gathered at collection points, and then sent to smelting specialists where they are disassembled. The lead is melted, refined, and delivered to battery manufacturers and other users; the plastic is ground up and sent to reprocessors who make it into new plastic products; and the acid is collected and either reused or treated. How a battery is constructed affects which battery you buy. Figure 8-3 shows the details.
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Fig. 8.23
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In both cases the measurements and modes of operation are similar; the main difference is in the electrical interfaces required, and the need to provide structured or framed data streams. If the BERT is used for testing telecommunications equipment and systems either in the field or in the factory, it must have coded interfaces according to the CCITT Recommendation G.703 (or the equivalent North American ANSI T1 standards). As mentioned previously, the G.703 interface specification defines digital codes (such as HDB3, B3ZS, and CMI), which ensure that a minimum number of transitions occur in the data stream even with long runs of 1s or 0s. This characteristic ensures that a timing clock can be recovered reliably in the receiving equipment. A single output or input connection is all that is required when connecting the test set, and the user need not be concerned about the relative phasing of parallel clock and data signals. G.703 also defines other important interface characteristics such as specific bit rates (see Table 26.1), voltage levels, pulse shape, impedance, frame structure, and so on. Put simply, if the test set complies with the relevant interface standard, it is ready to connect to telecommunications equipment. This also is true for the new generation of synchronous optical network (SONET) equipment for which standards exist up to 2.488 Gbps. For more general use, conventional clock and binary NRZ (nonreturn to zero) data are necessary. With higher-speed application, clock/data phasing becomes critical, so the test set should have a means of adjusting the clock timing for optimal
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In this case, 10 is not less than 9. Thus, the call to WriteLine( ) will not take place. C# defines a full complement of relational operators that can be used in a conditional expression. They are shown here:
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Do-It-Yourself Pr ojects
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The Zilla comes in two current ratings and up to three voltage ratings:
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Scour Analysis
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The following sequence shows how to create a File menu that contains three selections: Open, Close, and Exit:
2.3.1 Point-to-point
member or to pick up instrumental techniques. Classic sports videos are designed so that armchair quarterbacks have control over camera angles and instant replay shots. Exercise videos allow viewers to choose their preferred viewpoints. Instructional videos provide closeups, detail shots, and picture insets containing supplemental information. The options are endless, and the multiangle approach has become a new tool for filmmaking and video production. The disadvantage of this feature is that each angle requires additional footage to be created and stored on the disc. A program with three angles always available can only be one third as long if it has to fit in the same amount of space as a singleangle program. Blu-ray multiangle video is essentially the same as DVD, although there is more room on the disc for multiangle programs.
Figure 3.60 A Class C amplifier s output waveform.
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Router(config)# interface type port_#.subinterface_# [point|multipoint] Router(config-subif)#
$140 a barrel recently created the resurgence, acceptance, and understanding that we need electric cars. September 11 also ended the period of low and stable oil prices. I remember watching the towers in flames and saying to a colleague that things will never be the same again. Now, we are faced with a serious discussion about energy security, reducing our reliance on imported oils and also it's environmental impact on our globe. Figure 3-15 also shows how what comes around goes around. The electric car has come back to GM since the electric car has been with our American automotive history since the beginning of the car. The ironic twist of events about oil, national security, and climate change shows an interesting side to GM and their understanding of the need for electric cars to help stablize our economy. While the Volt is planned to become a plug-in hybrid, it is starting out as engineers and designers, building GM s own electric vehicle. In January 2006, Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors, one of the main proponents who originally was for crushing the EV1 program is now a pragmatist who believes the electrification of the car is the only way to preserve American car culture. We are agonizing over what to do to counter the tidal wave of positive PR for Toyota, Lutz says. That month, GM came up with the Volt. Even Rick Wagoner, President of GM was not an EV proponent for an electric car again. But then Hurricane Katrina sent oil prices soaring. For Wagoner, it was a sign of how volatile the oil markets were becoming and a harbinger. Even the much maligned energy policy of the Bush Administration was changing: In his State of the Union address, the President urged Congress to impose tougher fuel economy rules. By January of 2008, the Volt had become the centerpiece of GM s green strategy.
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