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Head Center Challenge: What if What have you heard the learner say or imply that reflects a mental model or assumption you can challenge How will you phrase this What if challenge to the learner Heart Center Challenge: Recognizing and Leveraging Defense Mechanisms When have you observed the learner use a particular defense mechanism Would a direct or an indirect challenge be more effective How would you phrase this defense mechanism challenge to the learner Body Center Challenge: Why would you want to do that What behavior has the learner stated that he or she plans to do Do you think this is a wise course of action How would you phrase this Why would you want to do that challenge to the learner Transformative Paradoxical Challenge What paradoxes have you observed in the learner Select the most significant one. How would you phrase this paradoxical challenge to the learner
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Although simple, this program contains all the elements essential to proper event handling. Let s look at it carefully. The program begins by declaring a delegate type for the event handler, as shown here:
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CourseNo CHAR(6), CrsDesc VARCHAR(250), CrsUnits SMALLINT, CONSTRAINT PKCourse PRIMARY KEY(CourseNo), CONSTRAINT UniqueCrsDesc UNIQUE (CrsDesc) )
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CMs Buried Below River Bed
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var posNums = nums.Where(n => n > 0).Select(r => r);
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Turin Networks
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Token Ring Events
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Removing Connections
Steel, due to its superior strength and long-term performance, is best suited for medium and long spans. The old practice for medium span lengths for bridges was to weld cover plates on rolled sections in high-tension areas, such as at the midspan. Due to repetitive loads, fatigue of tension welds has been a problem, since it reduces the working life of expensive steel bridges. Also, regular monitoring of fatigue-prone details increases maintenance costs.
Common Assumption No. 1
The array is sorted into ascending order with the lowest address containing the lowest element.
Selection and design of CMs should be based on hydraulic and scour analyses, geology of the area, and site-speci c information, such as the importance and the remaining life of the bridge. A designer must apply engineering judgment in examining the results obtained from scour and hydrologic and hydraulic data. Hydrologic and hydraulic data should include: 1. 2. 3. 4. Performance of the structure during past oods. Effects of regulation and control of ood discharges. Hydrologic characteristics and ood history of the stream and similar streams. Whether the bridge is structurally continuous. Factors which affect the detailed design of a countermeasure are: 1. Natural issues, such as soil geology. 2. Physical factors, such as width of the bridge opening and traf c volume. 3. Economic considerations such as existing condition of the bridge and the life of the proposed countermeasure compared to the remaining life of the bridge. 4. Available resources for monitoring frequency and underwater inspection. 5. Funding priority for repairs from ood damage and providing adequate countermeasures.
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