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CONNECT repadmin/repadmin@east.citrix.com BEGIN DBMS_REPCAT.CREATE_MASTER_REPGROUP( gname => 'CPS_REP', qualifier => '', group_comment => ''); END; /
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Attenuation in an optical fiber is closely similar to attenuation of a signal transmitted on a copper circuit. In an optical environment attenuation represents the diminution of optical power where light pulses become , smaller and distorted as light flows down a fiber. Attenuation results primarily from absorption and scattering; scattering is a function of fiber nonlinearities and chromatic dispersion. Optical attenuation is usually expressed in decibels without a prefix or a negative (minus) sign even though optical power is lost. However in ,
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Wireless Essentials
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Creating a New Query
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Solution: Follow the formula for integrating polynomials as stated earlier in this chapter or fiom the Mathematical Tables at the end of the book.
#define UP 1 #define DOWN 0
Large corporations and government agencies found CD-ROMs a convenient repository for the tons of paper documents that they used to store in le cabinets. Early uses of CD-ROM emphasized text storage and database archiving. The original Yellow Book standard works just ne for most of these types of applications. Text storage and retrieval, however, doesn t particularly drive the medium in any kind of demanding way the original Yellow Book standard works just ne for most of these types of applications. As with all things computer-related, some developers started pushing the media in some new ways that rubbed up against the its inherent performance limitations and challenged the current methods of storing audio and video. Developers who were moving information to CD-ROM became more enamored of multimedia bells and whistles such as video but found it was dif cult to both play back a computer application and access audio data from the Red Book region at the same time. The laser read head had to cover too much territory to retrieve data. The sound track often fell out of sync with a displayed animation or video clip, so that lips moved but no words came out, or the narration lagged the on-screen event by a few seconds. Multimedia presentations played like badly dubbed foreign lms. No one was very impressed with the potential of the medium at this point. At this time Microsoft joined into the discussions with Sony and Philips and crafted the CD-ROM XA standard, introduced in 1989. The primary enhancement of CD-ROM XA involves a rede nition of the physical sectors to include a special form of compressed audio. Audio in this format could be wedged between the computer data running the application residing on contiguous sectors and the interleaved audio. Data could be accessed much more quickly. Words owed out of on-screen lips in sync and the climactic crescendo of music at the end of the presentation came right on cue, right down to the nal cymbal crash.
The asymmetrical constant cam acceleration curve (follower motion) is shown in Fig. 2.5. The acceleration curve is made up of two parts, the positive and negative acceleration periods 1 and 2 connected at the transition point y1 = C1q 2
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
Notice the effect of the precision specifier in several of the formats.
Table 5.9a LRFD primary and secondary load factors for superstructures. PRIMARY LOADS (DC1 (LL IM DC2) DW BR PL) (CE) (LS) (DL LL wind) secondary loads Service I (DL max. LL ) secondary loads Service II (DL min. LL) secondary loads Service III (DL wind) Service IV 1.0 1.0 (WS) (WL) (EL) SECONDARY LOADS (TU) (CR SH) 1.00/1.20 (TG) (SE)
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