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When you have organized the audio layout to your preferences, click the Write this CD button. HotBurn displays a tabbed panel that lets you set any nal options, such as setting a slower recording speed (if your system does not do well at higher speeds) or deciding whether to close the session when done, to let the disc be readable in CD players. As the record-
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The Internet Influence
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Gigabit OC-48 Ethernet MSPP Dedicated ring (Customer B) DS-n
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e-commerce operation where there is no paper audit trail. Several techniques are available to perform online auditing: Audit hooks Special audit modules are placed in key points in an application and are designed to trigger if a specific audit exception or special condition occurs. This can alert auditors of the situation, permitting them to decide whether additional action is required. System Control Audit Review File and Embedded Audit Modules (SCARF/ EAM) Here, special audit software modules are embedded in the application; these modules perform continuous auditing and create an independent log of audit results. Integrated Test Facility (ITF) This permits test transactions to be processed in a live application environment. A separate test entity is required, however, so that test data does not alter financial or business results (because the test data does not present actual transactions). Continuous and intermittent simulation (CIS) Here, the application will contain an audit software module that examines online transactions. When a transaction meets audit criteria, the transaction is processed by the application and is also processed by a parallel simulation routine, and the results of the two are compared. These results are logged so that an auditor may examine them at a later time and decide whether any action is required based upon the results. Snapshots This technique involves the use of special audit modules embedded in an online application that samples specific transactions. The modules make copies of key parts of transactions, often by copying database records and storing them independently. This allows an auditor to trace specific transactions through an application to view the state of transactions as they flow through the application. Online inquiry Here, an auditor has the ability to query the application and/or its database to retrieve detailed information on specific transactions or groups of transactions. The auditor must often have an intimate knowledge of transaction and data structures to make use of this technique.
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FIGURE 5-2 Simple migration approach with departmental BI implementations
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Part III:
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Table 6.6 DC Wiring Color Code (Adapted from ABYC Standard E-11, Tables XIV and XV)
A layer 3 switch is basically a router that performs its switching using application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) instead of a central CPU (ASICs are discussed in 4). Some of Cisco s switches support this feature, from the Catalyst 3500s and higher with the right IOS image. Layer 3 switches are most commonly used at the distribution layer to connect the access layers to the core. Fast Ethernet, but more commonly Gigabit Ethernet, connections are used for this connectivity. For smaller networks, sometimes layer 2 switches are used. The responsibilities of the distribution layer include the following:
5. Click Add to open the Select Users or Groups dialog box: 6. If you selected Citrix User Selector (default selection), complete the following in the Select Users and Groups dialog box: a. Select your account authority from the Look In drop-down list. The dropdown list contains all trusted account authorities configured on the servers in the farm. b. Select Show Users to display all user names in the selected domain. 7. If you selected Operating System User Selector, use the standard Windows dialog box to select your user or group. 8. Click OK. 9. The list of user accounts is added to the Configured Accounts list. Offline Licensing In order to use offline streamed applications, you must obtain the correct license file from Citrix or your reseller. For more information see the Citrix XenApp Licensing Overview section earlier in this chapter. Once the proper licensing is in place, you can configure the time period for which the applications can be used offline. Under Offline Access | Offline License Setting, you can set the range from 2 to 365 days (the default is 21 days). This is the number of days the application can be used both online and offline before it needs to check in with the server and renew the lease. If the license is near expiration while offline, the user receives a notice to log back into Program Neighborhood Agent to renew the license or lease. If the user does not comply, the police will be dispatched to the user s location and they will be arrested. (Just kidding. I wanted to make sure you were still with us.) Seriously, if the license is not renewed, the user will not be able to use the application either offline or online. Therefore, your offline settings need to align with the user behavior and LAN access; otherwise, productivity could be affected. Enabling Application Offline Access In the application properties, under the offline access setting, you can enable offline use. Offline applications use fully cached copies of the application on the user s workstation. While the user is connected to the local area network (LAN), the Streaming Server will download (transfer) a copy of the application profile to the workstation using two caching methods: Pre-cache application at login The default option when installed. Very handy but may increase the login times and cause network delays. Cache application at launch time Another handy option. This is a better option for networks where a lot of users log in at the same time.
Class T
Figure 6-11. Performance Measures and Weights
Not everyone currently working in this industry will be entirely supportive of this approach. Many construction professionals are reluctant to embrace a new process and unwilling to make a large effort to fix something that isn t broken. The facts, however, indicate that construction is the least efficient branch of industry; and it does need a major overhaul to become more competitive in view of the world s limited resources. The challenges of forming functional BIM teams are apparent. Most companies won t find the necessary experience in this field among their existing employees, and they ll need to train existing employees or find new recruits with the appropriate skills. This chapter will help to plan a strategy for the in-house training approach and will define the required skill set for new recruits.
Part I:
26.5.5 Clock rates
Value Reference
Reading from storage directly: byte [0]: 0 byte [1]: 1 byte [2]: 2 byte [3]: 3 byte [4]: 4 byte [5]: 5 byte [6]: 6 byte [7]: 7 byte [8]: 8 byte [9]: 9 Reading through memrdr: byte [1]: 1 byte [2]: 2 byte [3]: 3 byte [4]: 4 byte [5]: 5 byte [6]: 6 byte [7]: 7 byte [8]: 8 byte [9]: 9
#include <stdio.h> #define concat(a, b) int main(void) { int xy = 10; printf("%d", concat(x, y)); return 0; } a ## b
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