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To set the photos in motion, you re going to copy each one to a different layer in a single file. The stacking order of the layers determines the sequence of the animation frames. The first bottom layer becomes the first frame. In Figure 5-16, the open Layers palette shows thumbnails of the images that have been copied to each layer.
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Capacitance and Inductance
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// Show square roots of 1 to 99 and the rounding error. using System; class SqrRoot { static void Main() { double num, sroot, rerr; for(num = 1.0; num < 100.0; num++) { sroot = Math.Sqrt(num); Console.WriteLine("Square root of " + num + " is " + sroot); // Compute rounding error. rerr = num - (sroot * sroot); Console.WriteLine("Rounding error is " + rerr); Console.WriteLine(); } } }
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Node list and aliases. An important feature of protocol analysis is the ability to generate a node list that contains the addresses of all the nodes attached to a network. The node list can be used as a reference to identify new nodes that have shown up, as well as to identify nodes that have gone quiet and possibly no longer exist. The user can create alias names for the obscure network addresses. Instead of referring to the PC in Becky s office by its MAC address of 08-00-90-2F-3C-7A, for example, an alias can be entered in the node list and the PC will be referenced as Becky s PC in the decodes and other measurements in the protocol analyzer. The alias also will be used in the user interface for configuration screens. Timestamps. Each frame captured by a protocol analyzer from the network under test is provided a timestamp generated by an internal clock in the analyzer. The timestamp is used to determine the particular time at which the frame was received, allowing a user to make critical timing measurements, such as determining if a protocol time-out occurred. Many protocols are based on receiving specific responses within a specified amount of time. In Figure 24.6b, the top of the display shows that frame number 4624 was captured on Monday, August 12, at 13:50:04.3084244. (An abbreviated time stamp is shown in the summary decode.) Typical network troubleshooting involving timing is done at microsecond
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7.2.1 Introduction
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Property public IEqualityComparer<TKey> Comparer { get; } public Dictionary<TKey, TValue>.KeyCollection Keys { get; } public Dictionary<TKey, TValue>.ValueCollection Values { get; } Description Obtains the comparer for the invoking dictionary. Obtains a collection of the keys. Obtains a collection of the values.
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The Periodic Puzzle
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