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Cisco offers a wide variety of tools that you can use. Table 17-3 has a list of the more common IOS commands and what layer of the OSI Reference Model that they can be used for in troubleshooting. The following sections cover most of these commands in more depth.
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Smart Home Foundations
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Robot Material and Construction Techniques
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Wireless Essentials
21.01 21.02 21.03 EIGRP Overview EIGRP Operation EIGRP Configuration 21.04 EIGRP Troubleshooting Two-Minute Drill Self Test
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Figure 6.14 shows the graphs of each of the six trigonometric functions. Notice that each graph has the property that some horizontal line intersects the graph at least twice. Therefore none of these functions is invertible. Another way of seeing this point is that each of the trigonometric functions is 2 -periodic (that is, the function repeats itself every 2 units: f (x + 2 ) = f (x)), hence each of these functions is not one-to-one. If we want to discuss inverses for the trigonometric functions, then we must restrict their domains (this concept was introduced in Subsection 1.8.5). In this
Filmstrips, 16-mm films, VHS tapes, laserdiscs, CD-i discs, Video CDs, CD-ROMs, and the Internet have all had roles in providing images and sound to supplement textbooks and teachers. But those technologies lacked the picture quality and clarity that is so important for classroom presentations. The unprecedented image detail, high storage capacity, and low cost of BD make it an excellent candidate for use in classrooms, especially since it integrates well with computers. Although BD players are not widely adopted in education, computers with BD-ROM drives will become more commonplace in the classroom. CD-ROM infiltrated all levels of schooling from home to kindergarten to college and then passed the baton to DVD as new computers with built-in DVD-ROM drives were purchased. The same will happen with BD as educational publishers discover how to make the most of the format, creating truly interactive applications with the sensory impact and realism needed to stimulate and inspire inquisitive minds.
1. Create a file called CompFiles.cs. 2. Into CompFiles.cs, add the following program: /* Compare two files. To use this program, specify the names of the files to be compared on the command line. For example: CompFile FIRST.TXT SECOND.TXT */
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