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The presence of two or more of the following histologic features: endometrial epithelium, endometrial glands, endometrial stroma, hemosiderin-laden macrophages One created by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. It uses point scores for disease staging and is used primarily for the uniform recording of operative findings It is not good for correlating disease stage with pain and/or dyspareunia. It also does not predict the chance of pregnancy following treatment Endometriosis is a progressively deteriorating disease that rarely improves. Elimination of endometriotic implants by medical or surgical intervention provides only temporary relief. However, the goal of treatment should be to eradicate the lesions, treat endometriosis-related pelvic pain and infertility, and prevent bowel and extra-pelvic complications Patient s desire for future fertility, side effects of medication, cost, and patient s tolerance Hormonal therapy that suppresses estrogen synthesis (induces atrophy of ectopic lesions) and/or disrupts the menstrual cycle (abrogates or diminishes retrograde bleeding) Oral contraceptive pills (OCPs): best for minimal to mild pain, reduces menstrual flow Progestins: good for moderate to severe disease, excellent pain relief, induces atrophy of endometrial implants, few side effects, inexpensive Danazol: effective for mild to moderate disease, relieves dysmenorrhea, inhibits midcycle
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Sometimes it is convenient to transform a given integral into another one by means of a change of variable. This method is often called the method of change of variable or u-substitution. To see a model situation, imagine an integral
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AAA Server Configuration
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Internet layer protocols are the fundamental building blocks of TCP/IP. The Internet layer is really the bottom layer where a frame or packet is uniquely TCP/IP. Protocols in the TCP/IP Internet layer include: IP ICMP IGMP IPsec IP Protocol IP is the principal protocol used by TCP/IP at the Internet layer. The main transport layer protocols (discussed in the next section), TCP and UDP, are built on the IP protocol. The purpose of the IP protocol is to transport messages over internetworked networks. IP is the workhorse of the TCP/IP protocol suite: Most communications that take place on the Internet are built on it. Characteristics of the IP protocol include: IP addressing At the IP layer, nodes on networks have unique addresses. IP addressing is discussed in detail later in this section. Best-effort delivery IP does not guarantee that a packet will reach its intended destination. Connectionless Each packet is individual and not related to any other. Out-of-order packet delivery No assurances for order of delivery are addressed by IP. Packets may arrive out of order at their destination.
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one or two f-stops to maintain detail. If your camera has a tendency to create a bright halo when shooting directly into the sun, hide the sun behind a tree or building, as shown in the photograph here.
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General Instructions: You will find a list of True/False statements following each case history. Select any statements, which you believe to be true. There may be one, more than one or no true statements for any given case. Choose the correct risk, diagnosis and disposition for each case. Then, turn the page to find a detailed discussion and pearls for each case.
This optional key is not recommended for security reasons because it exposes a clear text password in the registry. Normally, the password is stored in an encrypted format inside the NTSecret object. This key enables an administrator to hardcode a password for the Hot Desktop Shared Account to be used in the automatic logon process. This key is not created or set during the agent installation process because the agent stores the password in the NTSecret object.
significant. There are three implementations of LMI: ITU-T Annex A, ANSI Annex D, and the Gang of Four. Cisco routers autosense LMI. By default, Cisco routers send out LMI queries every 10 seconds, with a full status update every sixth query.
45 46 RECONCILIATION 47 48 Net PPE 49 Beginning amount 50 Capex 51 Depreciation 52 Expected ending amount 53 B/S amount 54 Other (inc) dec Net PPE 55 56 Intangibles 57 Beginning amount 58 Amortization 59 Expected ending amount 60 B/S amount 61 Other (inc) dec Intangibles 62 63 Retained earnings 64 Beginning amount 65 Net to retained earnings 66 Expected ending amount 67 B/S amount 68 Other inc (dec) ret d earnings 69 70 CF =B4
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