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In this case, nums is declared in the first statement and initialized by the second. One last point: It is permissible to specify the array size explicitly when initializing an array, but the size must agree with the number of initializers. For example, here is another way to initialize nums:
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Just as the network providers were getting used to the battlegrounds between the Incumbent LECs (ILECs) and the new providers, RF spectrum was freed up around the world to support access and bypass services. Typically, the services operate in the radio frequency spectrum above 25 GHz, depending on the licenses and spectrum controlled by the regulatory bodies. This offering operates as a point-to-point, broadband wireless access method, which can provide two-way services. Because LMDS operates in the higher frequencies, the radio signals are limited to approximately five miles of point-topoint service. This makes it somewhat like a cellular operation in the way the carriers lay out their operations and cells. An architectural concept for the LMDS operation is shown in Figure 18-3 from the perspective of the supplier to the user. This figure uses some of the premises that the service is constrained to a localized area. (Occasionally in uncongested and unpopulated areas, the signals are transmitted in much wider areas of coverage, similar to other wireless technologies. This reference to the five miles is within populated areas and the obstacles that will be encountered within the areas).
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Maximize/Restore Close Docker
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CorelDRAW X4 stimulating and artistically rewarding. Gary has been a CorelDRAW user since 1991. He has worked with Corel engineers on previous builds, and he has written several other CorelDRAW books throughout the years. As you work through each chapter, I m sure the Official Guide will be an invaluable resource for users of every skill level and style of personal and professional expression. G rard M trailler Sr. Director, Product Management, Graphics Corel Corporation Ottawa, Ontario July 2008
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In the program, the method passed to Exists( ) and Find( ) for the predicate is IsNeg( ). Notice that IsNeg( ) is declared like this:
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Broadcast frames are sent by a node to every other node on the network, as defined by the destination MAC address FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF. Broadcast frames are most ofDownloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill (www.digitalengineeringlibrary.com) Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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C++ from the Ground Up
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Oscillator Design
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Some problems associated with concrete deck slabs include: Discoloration Abrasion loss Carbonation Curling Joint failure Honeycombing Corrosion of reinforcement Leaching Delaminations Ef orescence.
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j Interface jitter (data-link jitter)
8. Transverse stiffness of diaphragms and spacing. 9. Intensity of load (AASHTO 72 kips HS 20 de ection vehicle with dynamic allowance of 30 percecnt). 10. L/d ratio where d is beam depth (for shallow, medium depth, and deep beams). 11. L/D ratio where D is beam depth haunch depth deck slab depth (for composite section). Shallow beams with high L/D ratios are likely to result in higher de ections and cause vibrations as compared to the following two types. Medium depth beams are commonly used in practice and are usually based on AASHTO LRFD optional de ection criteria. Deep beams (with small L/D ratios) have lower de ections. The depth of beam approaches a small height wall. Stress strain behavior is nonlinear and the beam cannot be modeled as a line girder. Deep beam/wall effects need to be considered using the nite element method. In design, dead load de ection is practically eliminated by providing initial camber in the beam. Live load de ection can be reduced to some extent, for example, by providing high tensile strands in prestressed concrete beams and pre-tensioning or post-tensioning the strands. The practice of prestressing a steel beam is less common.
Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
LANs provide high-speed bandwidth connections to interconnect components in a geographically close location, such as a building or a campus.
Design Manual Part 4, Structures, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, September 2007. International Handbook of Earthquake Engineering: Codes, Programs and Examples (IHEE), Edited by Mario Paz, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 1995. Khan, Mohiuddin Ali and M. ElGaaly, Proceedings of Two Day Seminar, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 2002. Khan, Mohiuddin Ali and H. Nassef, Proceedings of Two Day Seminar, American Society of Civil Engineers, North Jersey Section, Trenton, NJ, 2004. LRFD Bridge Design Speci cations, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Of cials, Washington, DC, 1998. PCI Bridge Design Manual, 8.12 Strut & Tie Modeling of Disturbed Regions, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, Chicago, IL. Rehm, Kelley C., The Future of Bridge Design, States Implement Load and Resistance Factor Design Speci cations to Meet and October Deadline, ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, January/February 2007. Structural Standards Manual, Maryland State Highway Administration, Baltimore, MD, 2006.
Part I:
Aggregate Functions
Running the Program
If upgrading a server that does not have Installation Manager and Resource Manager installed, these components will not be installed during the upgrade. To install these components, verify that an Enterprise edition license is loaded in the Citrix License Server, and install these components using the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.
Zoom To Selection When you have one or more objects selected in the drawing window, choosing this command changes your view magnification and viewing position of the page to show the entire selection in the window. Choose Zoom To Selection from either the Zoom Property Bar or the Zoom Levels drop-down selector list. You can also Zoom to a selected object while any tool is selected by pressing SHIFT+F2. Zoom To All Objects Zoom To All Objects changes your view magnification to display all objects visible in your document window, regardless of whether the objects are on or off the current document page. Choose Zoom To All Objects from either the Zoom Property Bar or the Zoom Levels drop-down menu. Alternatively, use the F4 shortcut while any tool is selected. Zoom To Page This changes your view to fit your current page size completely within the document window. Choose Zoom To Page from either the Zoom Property Bar or the Zoom Levels drop-down menu, or press SHIFT+F4 while any tool is selected. Zoom To Width/Height Of Page These two commands enable zoom your view to the entire width or height of the current page. You ll find these tool buttons located in the Zoom Property Bar or the Zoom Levels drop-down menu.
In this case, the compiler cannot differentiate between the two versions of MyMeth( ) simply because one uses an out int parameter and the other uses a ref int parameter. Method overloading supports polymorphism because it is one way that C# implements the one interface, multiple methods paradigm. To understand how, consider the following. In languages that do not support method overloading, each method must be given a unique name. However, frequently you will want to implement essentially the same method for different types of data. Consider the absolute value function. In languages that do not support overloading, there are usually three or more versions of this function, each with a slightly different name. For instance, in C, the function abs( ) returns the absolute value of an integer, labs( ) returns the absolute value of a long integer, and fabs( ) returns the absolute value of a floating-point value. Since C does not support overloading, each function must have its own unique name, even though all three functions do essentially the same thing. This makes the situation more complex, conceptually, than it actually is. Although the underlying concept of each function is the same, you still have three names to remember. This situation does not occur in C# because each absolute value method can use the same name. Indeed, the .NET Framework class library includes an absolute value method called Abs( ). This method is overloaded by the System.Math class to handle the numeric types. C# determines which version of Abs( ) to call based upon the type of argument. A principal value of overloading is that it allows related methods to be accessed by use of a common name. Thus, the name Abs represents the general action that is being performed. It is left to the compiler to choose the right specific version for a particular circumstance. You, the programmer, need only remember the general operation being performed. Through the application of polymorphism, several names have been reduced to one. Although this example is fairly simple, if you expand the concept, you can see how overloading can help manage greater complexity. When you overload a method, each version of that method can perform any activity you desire. There is no rule stating that overloaded methods must relate to one another. However, from a stylistic point of view, method overloading implies a relationship. Thus, while you can use the same name to overload unrelated methods, you should not. For example, you could use the name Sqr to create methods that return the square of an integer and the square root of a floating-point value. But these two operations are fundamentally different. Applying method overloading in this manner defeats its original purpose. In practice, you should only overload closely related operations. C# defines the term signature, which includes the name of a method plus its parameter list. Thus, for the purposes of overloading, no two methods within the same class can have the same signature. Notice that a signature does not include the return type since it is not used by C# for overload resolution. Also, the params modifier is not part of the signature.
CRC-6. For DS1 services, the preferred frame format is Extended Superframe (ESF), consisting of 24 standard DS1 frames (a total of 24 193 = 4632 bits). A Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC) is computed over each superframe and the 6-bit CRC word inserted in the next superframe. The CRC-6 calculation is made only in the path terminating equipment (PTE) and is not recalculated at the line or section level; errors will accumulate along the path in exactly the same way as bit errors in the payload or customer data. Recalculating CRC-6 at the receiving PTE and comparing it with the value sent from the transmitter will detect an error occurrence in the path. C-Bit parity. For end-to-end DS3 performance, a new path layer measurement called C-bit parity has been introduced. Traditionally, DS3 in-service error performance has relied on conventional DS3 parity bits (P-bits) and bipolar code violations. Typically these are recalculated or corrected at each item of terminal equipment and do not allow a cumulative system measurement to be made over the whole path. On the other hand, C-bit parity provides such a measurement and, as described later, has a number of other very useful features for network monitoring. Downloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill (www.digitalengineeringlibrary.com) Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
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