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Figure 9-16 A PivotChart is added to the same worksheet as a PivotTable. The two use the same Field List because the PivotChart was created from the PivotTable.
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CAMCO B-12345 (SAMPLE) FOLLOWER RADIUS FOLLOWER VELOC FOLLOWER ACCEL (INCHES) (INCHES/SEC) (INCH/SEC/SEC) 1.2922 1.3029 1.3274 1.3668 1.4229 1.4984 1.5972 1.7246 1.8887 2.1010 2.3791 2.7500 2.7500 2.3791 2.1010 1.8887 1.7246 1.5972 1.4984 1.4229 1.3668 1.3274 1.3029 1.2922 1.2913 1.2922 1.2944 1.2979 1.3027 1.3087 1.3159
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Part III:
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Predict how the volume of a gas will change when the temperature is raised or lowered. Calculate what the change in volume of a gas should be when the temperature is changed. Make and use graphs to predict the volume of the gas at different temperatures.
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The Dictionary<TKey, TValue> class stores key/value pairs. In a dictionary, values are accessed through their keys. In this regard, it is similar to the non-generic Hashtable class. Dictionary<TKey, TValue> implements IDictionary, IDictionary<TKey, TValue>, ICollection, ICollection<KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>>, IEnumerable, IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>>, ISerializable, and IDeserializationCallback. (The last two interfaces support the serialization of the list.) Dictionaries are dynamic, growing as needed. Dictionary<TKey, TValue> provides many constructors. Here is a sampling: public Dictionary( ) public Dictionary(IDictionary<TKey, TValue> dictionary) public Dictionary(int capacity) The first constructor creates an empty dictionary with a default capacity. The second creates a dictionary that contains the same elements as those in dictionary. The third lets you specify an initial capacity. If you know in advance that you will need a dictionary of a certain size, then specifying that capacity will prevent the resizing of the dictionary at runtime, which is a costly process. Dictionary<TKey, TValue> defines several methods. Some commonly used ones are shown in Table 25-17.
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Figure 6.3 New Jersey s modi cations to AASHTO vehicle rating (3S2).
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Accidents Should you bear witness to or be involved in an accident (un accidente), you may need the following verbs in order to have a conversation with a police officer (un polic a) whose English is limited. Refer to el peat n if a pedestrian is involved.
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Aluminum Silicon
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TIP If you want to see these drill filters in a printed report, you need to insert a cell in the body of
Chemistry: Matter and Change
2: How Biometrics Work
Gang of Four (Cisco), ANSI s Annex D, and ITU-T s Q.933 Annex A.
One-third overcomes aerodynamic drag (energy ends up as heat in the air). One-third overcomes rolling friction (energy ends up as heated tires). One-third powers acceleration (energy ends up as heat in the brakes). In contrast to the hundreds of internal combustion engine moving parts, the electric motor has just one. That s why they re so efficient. Today s EV motor efficiencies are typically 90 percent or more. The same applies to today s solid-state controllers (with no moving parts), and today s lead-acid batteries come in at 75 percent or more. Combine all these and you have an electric vehicle efficiency far greater than anything possible with an internal combustion engine vehicle.
4- 1 Sketch the graph of
Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Services
manually or click Detect Cardinalities. Designer will check the cardinality box in the join statement and show the relationships in the structure pane. If your data is not clean and the cardinalities do not follow the typical one-to-many for one dimension to many facts, Detect Contexts will not work correctly. 6. Designer will present you with a list of names as proposed contexts. These contexts include all the joins in each part of the loop or one set of joins. The proposed context name comes from whichever table name is at the center of the join path, in this case SHOP_FACTS and PRODUCTION_PROMOTION_FACTS. Highlight both Candidate Contexts by CTRL-clicking and select Add to include the two new contexts in the universe.
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