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this normally out-of-phase feedback signal. But only those phase delays that are near 180 degrees furnishing the common-emitter with 0 degrees positive feedback at its base will bring about the undesired amplifier instability and oscillations. Figure 3.4 illustrates a typical phase-versus-frequency response of a certain single-stage common-emitter amplifier. Figure 3.5 demonstrates the basic bias circuit configuration of a commoncollector (CC) amplifier (also called an emitter-follower). The CC amplifier has the input signal inserted into its base, and the output signal removed from its emitter; which gives a current and power gain, but has a voltage gain of less than 1. This amplifier is used because of its high input impedance and low output impedance, making it beneficial as a buffer amplifier or as an active impedance-matching circuit.
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Light Flow in a Fiber
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Employee integrity and background It may be decidedly more difficult to determine the integrity of employees in an outsourced situation, particularly when the outsourcing is taking place offshore. Some countries, even where outsourcing is popular, lack nationwide criminal background checks and other means for making a solid determination on an employee s background. Loss of competitive advantage If the services performed by the outsourcing firm are not flexible enough to meet the organization s needs, this can result in the organization losing some of its competitive advantage. For example, an organization outsources its corporate messaging (e-mail and other messaging) to a service provider. Later, the organization wishes to enhance its customer communication by integrating its service application with e-mail. The e-mail service provider may be unable or unwilling to provide the necessary integration, which will result in the organization losing a competitive advantage. Errors and omissions The organization performing outsourcing services may make serious errors or fail to perform essential tasks. For instance, an outsourcing service may suffer a data security breach that may result in the loss or disclosure of sensitive information. This can be a disastrous event when it occurs within an organization s four walls, but when it happens in an outsourced part of the business, the organization may find that the lack of control will make it difficult to take the proper steps to contain and remedy the incident. If an outsourcing firm has a security breach or other similar incident, it may be putting itself first, and only secondarily watching out for the interests of its customers. Vendor failure The failure of the organization providing outsourcing services may result in increased costs and delays in service or product delivery. Differing mission and goals An organization s employees are going to be loyal to its mission and objectives. However, the employees in an outsourced organization usually have little or no interest in the hiring organization s interests; instead they will be loyal to the outsourcing provider s values, which may at times be in direct conflict. For example, an outsourcing organization may place emphasis on maximizing billable hours, while the hiring organization emphasizes efficiency. These two objectives conflict with each other. Difficult recourse If an organization is dissatisfied with the performance or quality of its outsourced operation, contract provisions may not sufficiently facilitate any remedy. If the outsourced operation is in a foreign country, applying remediation in the court system may also be futile. Lowered employee morale If a part of an organization chooses to outsource, those employees who remain may be upset, because some of their colleagues may have lost their jobs as a result of the outsourcing. Further, remaining employees may feel that their own jobs may soon be outsourced or eliminated. They may also feel that their organization is more interested in saving money than in taking care of its employees. Personnel who have lost their jobs may vent their anger at the organization through a variety of harmful actions that may threaten assets or other workers.
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10.2.1 ATM protocol map
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The electrical part involves mounting the high-current, low-voltage, and charger components and doing the electrical wiring to interconnect them. To do the electrical wiring requires knowledge of your EV s grounding plan: the high-current system is floating, the low-voltage system is grounded to the frame, and the charging system AC neutral is grounded to the frame when in use. Doing the electrical wiring also involves knowledge of your EV s safety plan: appropriate electrical interlocks must be provided in each system to assure system shutdown in the event of a malfunction, and to protect against accidental failure modes. The electrical wiring is also greatly facilitated by using a junction box approach, so wiring is neat (no wires running every which way inside the engine compartment) and you can later trace your wiring. Let s take a closer look at the steps.
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This line of code sets the file to the date and time specified in the ftime structure:
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b. How many atoms of zinc are in a pre-1982 penny
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User Training for Remote Office Migration
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Much of the enthusiasm on the part of automakers for electric vehicles during this period can be traced to government support. The U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium (whose principals are General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, with Department of Energy participation), the CALSTART consortium (involving utilities and large and small aerospace/high-tech companies including Hughes, then a subsidiary of General Motors), and research institutions driven by the Los Angeles Clean Air Initiative provided support for research and development of advanced batteries and other electric vehicle technologies. As we head back into another era of plug-in vehicles, these and other collaborative efforts have experienced a resurgence after several years of seeming to be relatively dormant.
Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
If the motor torque can produce a force greater than the frictional force, the wheels will spin. If the maximum torque of the motors cannot produce forces greater than the frictional forces, your robot s motors will stall when you run up against another robot or a wall. In 4, you learned that stalling a motor is not a good idea, so it is a better idea to have the wheels spin rather than being stalled. Equation 14 shows the stall torque relationship for each wheel. This information can be used to help you determine the speed reduction in the power transmission and help you pick the right-sized motors. Equation 13 is a rather interesting equation. This maximum force is the maximum force your robot can exert, or it is the force another robot needs to exert on your robot to push it around. This force is a function of two things: weight of the robot and the coefficient of friction between the robot s wheels and the ground. So, this tells you that increasing your robot s weight can give you a competitive advantage.
Backward Compatibility
For more information on starting your own Discover True North Expedition Group, visit www.annebruce.com and click on the Discover True North link. There you will find a Discover True North Group Study Guide that you can print out and use for facilitating your own ongoing program. In addition, at this link you will be guided to other helpful resources and learning tools that support the 4-week program that you ve now concluded. This site also lists ways to bring a Discover True North workshop or keynote presentation to your organization, church, or association. Or you can email me directly for more information at anne@annebruce.com.
Cisco ASA Configuration
C++ from the Ground Up
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