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idx = str2.IndexOf("One"); Console.WriteLine("Index of first occurrence of One: " + idx); idx = str2.LastIndexOf("One"); Console.WriteLine("Index of last occurrence of One: " + idx); } }
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Core Issue: Connect with and express your feelings. For three days, once every waking hour, ask yourself this question: What am I feeling right now Don t settle for a one-word answer. Then ask yourself this: And what else am I feeling After three days, continue asking yourself both questions, but do so at those times when you are aware that you are becoming extremely analytical. Continue the above process for six months. Expansion Through Wings and Arrows FOUR WING Connect with others on a deep level. Every time you observe someone you know looking happier, more concerned, or more upset than usual and you are able to have a private discussion with this person, say, I noticed that you seem to be happy [or concerned or upset] about something. Normally, the person will tell you more. As the person is speaking, ask a few simple questions that show your interest, or share your reactions to what he or she is saying. Focus on the group. When you participate in a group, ask yourself: How can I contribute more to this group What is it that the group needs from me, and how can I contribute in this way How can I demonstrate my loyalty and commitment to them
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Photos by Arthur Rosch, www.artsdigitalphoto.com
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Free Rotation mode
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FIGURE 5.2. Cam follower displacement, velocity, and acceleration obtained by spline synthesis in Example 1.
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Table 27-3.
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Exploring the C# Library
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Pressure-angle distribution.
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A. Nonpolar B. Uncharged polar
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1. Return all lab equipment to its proper place. 2. Report any broken or damaged equipment. 3. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the
Service Management Service management for circuit-bonding systems is well defined by the ITU. A recently approved ITU standard on service management includes both architecture and requirement definitions for circuit bonding optical- and copper-based systems. While additional capabilities are being defined in the standards, it is safe to say that service management for circuit bonding will provide full service management capabilities for the carriers.
FIGURE 11-1 machine.
Introducing Classes, Objects, and Methods
Follow these steps: 1. Select the Password Manager Node. 2. Select the User Configuration that you need to migrate. 3. Right-click and select Redirect Users. 4. On the redirect users, leave Active Directory selected. NOTE The Password Manager Administrator s Guide explains in detail what happens when the user configuration is redirected.
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
Answers: 3,4,5
As stated above, increasing the PIN s bias current decreases its IMD products: A bias current of 10 mA may work well for very low level signals, while a value of up to 60 mA may be required for higher-powered applications. In some situations an electronic switch must be highly absorptive in the off position, or the high impedance of the switch will cause the power at its input to be reflected back to the source. This can severely degrade circuit perfor-
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