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NOTE You can add only one tunnel group and one group policy using the wizard during the wizard process; however, you can either use the wizard a second time to add an additional group, or easily add tunnel groups and group policies from the Remote Access VPN tab on the Configuration screen. IPSec Attributes for Easy VPN Server Once you ve set up at least one tunnel group and its policies for Easy VPN, you can either use the wizard to add additional groups and policies, or change any Easy VPN policy or attribute from the Remote Access VPN tab. I ll highlight some of the screens to tune your Easy VPN Server configuration. To add or edit your group policies, go to Configuration | Remote Access VPN tab | Network (Client) Access | Group Policies. I selected the students group policy in Figure 27-16 and clicked the Edit button. These attributes were discussed in 17. To change general properties for IPSec remote access connections, go to Configuration | Remote Access VPN tab | Network (Client) Access | Advanced | IPSec (see Figure 27-17). From here, you can edit the crypto maps, IKE Phase 1 policies, IKE parameters (like NAT-T), Phase 2 transform sets, certificate matching rules, and specify auto update policies for software clients.
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Queue q = new Queue(); foreach(int i in q) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); ShowEnq(q, 22); ShowEnq(q, 65); ShowEnq(q, 91); ShowDeq(q); ShowDeq(q); ShowDeq(q); try { ShowDeq(q); } catch (InvalidOperationException) { Console.WriteLine("Queue empty."); } } }
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Farm Maintenance
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Digital Photography QuickSteps Stepping into Digital Photography PC QuickSteps Getting to Know Your PC
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11: Review Questions and Answers
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// Start the threads. mt1.Thrd.Start(); mt2.Thrd.Start(); mt1.Thrd.Join(); mt2.Thrd.Join(); Console.WriteLine(); Console.WriteLine(mt1.Thrd.Name + " thread counted to " + mt1.Count); Console.WriteLine(mt2.Thrd.Name + " thread counted to " + mt2.Count);
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There are a number of ways to create and start a thread. This section describes the basic mechanism. Various options are described later in this chapter. To create a thread, instantiate an object of type Thread, which is a class defined in System.Threading. The simplest Thread constructor is shown here: public Thread(ThreadStart start) Here, start specifies the method that will be called to begin execution of the thread. In other words, it specifies the thread s entry point. ThreadStart is a delegate defined by the .NET Framework as shown here: public delegate void ThreadStart( ) Thus, your entry point method must have a void return type and take no arguments. Once created, the new thread will not start running until you call its Start( ) method, which is defined by Thread. The Start( ) method has two forms. The one used here is public void Start( ) Once started, the thread will run until the entry point method returns. Thus, when the thread s entry point method returns, the thread automatically stops. If you try to call Start( ) on a thread that has already been started, a ThreadStateException will be thrown. Here is an example that creates a new thread and starts it running:
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network this will tell you how many networks, or subnets, you ll need. If you are dealing with an existing network, you have a lot of analysis ahead of you. And, of course, if you re taking the exam, Cisco will fortunately supply this information to you. You ll need to perform the above two tasks, counting hosts on each segment and the number of segments that you have. Remember that when you are counting hosts, each device with a connection to the segment needs to be counted this includes PCs, servers, routers, switches, printers, and other devices. All devices on a Remember that a segment could be used in a segment router, switches, PCs, servers, logical sense, like all the ports off a switch, or a and so on need a host address from a VLAN, as discussed in 13. You might network or subnet number. even want to leave some room for growth by taking your final numbers and adding to them. To assist with the remaining five steps, I ll create an imaginary network. This network has 14 segments and the largest segment has 14 devices on it. You ve been assigned a single Class C network number ( to complete the task. Now you re ready to proceed to step 2.
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#if !defined DEBUG printf("Final version!\n"); #endif
from the specific station, and the ATD and LRTT frames are used exclusively to fill in additional information regarding each station.
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Creating a Logo Font
The volatile qualifier informs the compiler that a variable may be changed by factors outside of the program.
atom nucleus and the -particle by using the relationship r (x2 y2). Record the result in Data Table 1. Use a precision of at least four significant figures for all calculations in the lab.
Time, Date, and System-Related Functions
No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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