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The cabs( ) macro returns the absolute value of a complex number. The structure complex is defined as struct complex { double x; double y; }; If an overflow occurs, HUGE_VAL is returned and errno is set to ERANGE (out of range). cabsl( ) is the long double version of this macro and _complexl is the long double equivalent of complex.
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3. Cathy typed the challenge into the keypad on her authentication token. 4. The authentication token used a cryptographic function (often the Data Encryption Standard, or DES) to combine the challenge with her base secret, stored inside the token. 5. The token displayed the result on a digital display; this was called the response. 6. Cathy transcribed the response into the server s password prompt, using it as the authenticator. 7. Internally, the server combined the challenge it sent with its own copy of Cathy s base secret. If the result matched Cathy s response, the server would log her in. As these tokens became more sophisticated, they incorporated techniques to generate the challenge value internally. Some vendors produce tokens that use the value from a time-of-day clock as the challenge value, while others use an internal counter, and some combine both. These techniques greatly simplified matters: when Cathy needs to log in, the token simply displays the password she needs to use. Other devices, notably smart cards and USB tokens, use public-key cryptography. If Cathy uses a public-key smart card, Cathy s private key serves as the base secret for authentication, and that key resides on the smart card. When Cathy logs in, most of the authentication process is handled automatically by client software, which performs a challenge-response exchange, similar to what was originally used in tokens. There is an important difference: the verifier is Cathy s public key, not her private key. She never has to divulge her private key to a server to log into it. This reduces the risks to Cathy s base secret, since it doesn t have to reside anywhere except on her smart card. Like passwords, authentication devices can be stolen. Unlike passwords, the owner can tell if the device has been stolen. By itself, however, the authentication system won t be able to tell whether an authenticator comes from a stolen device or not.
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Audit activities in an organization should be formally defined in an audit charter. This should include statements of scope, responsibility, and authority for conducting audits. Senior management should support the audit charter through direct signature or by linking the audit charter to corporate policy.
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In general, the line that passes through points (x0 , y0 ) and (x1 , y1 ) has equation y1 y0 y y0 = . x x0 x1 x0 This is called the two-point form of the equation of a line.
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
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8: General Obstetrics
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Interactive Envelope Tool.
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What test should be ruled out first in a woman who presents with secondary amenorrhea What biochemical test confirms the diagnosis of PCOS How do polycystic ovaries appear on pelvic ultrasound
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Many manufacturers and VARs are committed to providing technologies and products to customers for achieving success with automated call-processing applications. These products take advantage of technologies and enable users to store, retrieve, and manipulate computer-based information over a telephone network.
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The first derivative of the function N(t)=3.2t2-3t+24 is N =6.4t-3. Setting the first derivative equal to zero produces 6.4t -3 = 0 and the value t = 0.47 for zero slope of N vs. t . The value of the function at t = 0.47 is N(0.47) = 3.2(0.47)*- 3(0.47) + 24 = 23.3.
WHM is width at half maximum
Fig. 3.16
As already mentioned, satellite communications have three general characteristics that lead to interoperability problems with systems that have not been designed to accommodate them: 1. Delay (or latency) 2. Noise 3. Limited bandwidth It is important to understand each of these in general terms and in more detail. Since the invention and installation of fiber optics, communications systems have been treated as ideal with very low latency, no noise, and nearly infinite bandwidth (the capacities are rapidly moving to Terabit bandwidth from current fiber systems). These characteristics still have room for doubt and development, but for satellite communications, the characteristics of fiber can make it very difficult to provide cost-effective interoperability with land-based systems. The latency problem is foremost among the three. Noise can be handled by the application of error control coding. Bandwidth efficiency is an important goal for satellite systems today, but will become increasingly important as the number of users increases as well as the data requirements.
Chemistry: Matter and Change 16
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