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Protocol Analyzers 626 Network Test Instrumentation
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TABLE 26-2
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StringOps. Notice that the method group conversion syntax can also be applied in this situation.
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Will users need access to data or programs on legacy systems (Enterprise resource planning, database query and reporting tools, and terminal emulation are all examples of such applications.) If this is the case, the legacy systems and Citrix servers should be colocated to optimize the network bandwidth required between these systems, as shown in Figure 4-1. data matrix barcode
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Note: The circled numbers indicate the corresponding chapters that discuss the topic.
The previous descriptions and examples have focused on the signaling necessary for the establishment and release of two-party calls. Situations will occur, however, when several parties are involved in a multipoint conference. In fact, H.323 defines the MC for the purpose of managing multipoint conferences. A conference call may be established in two ways. One is a prearranged conference, where participants call in to a separate MCU, which controls the conference. The other is when a two-party call needs to be expanded to include other parties. This is known as an ad hoc conference.
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Configuration testing, as I mentioned earlier in this chapter, involves checking to see whether the game works with various combinations of hardware, usually on PCs rather than consoles (although console games that use special input devices also require configuration testing). Config testing also requires a test plan, to determine what features and what hardware will be tested it isn t possible to test all combinations. Config testers need to be particularly familiar with PC hardware, because they spend a lot of time installing and removing audio and video cards, as well as trying out different joysticks and controllers. Config tester could be an entry-level position for someone who has experience working in an IT department or even building computers.
All tools available at Store.
same, indicating the instant that the tone was detected, with the duration field increased in each packet. Figure 3-11 shows the payload format to be used for the second method of representing a tone, that is, when sending a description of the tone characteristics. The modulation field indicates the modulation in Hz, up to a maximum of 511 Hz. If no modulation exists, this field is 0. The T bit indicates whether the modulation frequency is to be divided by 3. Some tones are in use where the modulation frequency is not a whole number of Hz. For example, cases occur where modulation at 16 2/3 Hz is used. The volume measures the volume of the tone from 0 dBm0 to 63 dBm0. The duration is in RTP timestamp units. The frequency indicates the frequency, in Hz, of one component of the tone. This field support values up to 4,095 Hz, which exceeds the frequency range telephone systems. Note that a given tone can have multiple frequency components. For example, MF (as used in R1-MF signaling) stands for multifrequency. The R field is reserved for future use.
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