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In many networks a problem could occur at a physical location to which the network expert does not have access for connecting a protocol analyzer. The key troubleshooter might be in a different building or a different city. Often one network engineer supports many different networks that are spread over a wide area, so the ability to control a protocol analyzer remotely may become crucial to solving problems. Most protocol analyzers provide such a capability for field service and network management applications. Remote control is implemented by using a PC or a Unix workstation to control the protocol analyzer via a telemetry network implemented with a modem or a LAN connection. Remote control typically includes three levels of control:
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Exception handling allows you to manage run-time errors in an orderly fashion. Using C++ exception handling, your program can automatically invoke an error-handling routine when an error occurs. The principal advantage of exception handling is that it automates much of the error-handling code that previously had to be coded by hand in any large program.
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The order in which you configure these two items doesn t matter. The following sections will discuss how to set up dynamic NAT and PAT translation rules, as well as cover many different examples of dynamic translation examples.
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There are basically two mutually incompatible standard-definition television recording systems in common use around the world. One system uses 525 lines scanned at 60 fields per second with NTSC color encoding and is used primarily in Japan and North America. The other system uses 625 lines scanned at 50 fields per second with PAL or SECAM color encoding and is used in most of the rest of the world. This book generally uses the technically correct terms of 525/60 (simplified from 525/59.94), and 625/50, but also uses the terms NTSC and PAL in the generic sense. When the world moved to high-definition the number of scan lines were standardized at 720 and 1080, but there are still two common frame rates of 50 Hz and 60Hz that vary among regions. In addition, the film frame rate of 24 Hz has become common for both encoding and display. This book uses terms 720p and 1080p to refer to progressive-scan picture formats regardless of frame rate, and 1080i to refer to the interlaced variation. Terms such as 720/30p, 1080/24p, and 1080/30i are used when more precision is needed. The number after the slash is always the frame rate, not the field rate, to avoid confusion caused by sloppy notation such as 60i or 50i that all careful writers should eschew.
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Figure 10.2 Dielectric constant at a nominal value of 10.20;
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Along the top of the Device Status page (as well as the Event List, explained in the next section) are a number of hyperlinks. Table 15-2 explains the function of these hyperlinks.
II We have cos2 x = The reason is that cos 2x = cos2 x sin2 x = cos2 x 1 cos2 x = 2 cos2 x 1. Now we can turn to some examples. 1 + cos 2x . 2
You can gain access to the cookies associated with an HTTP response through the Cookies property defined by HttpWebResponse. Cookies contain information that is stored by a browser. They consist of name/value pairs, and they facilitate certain types of web access. The Cookies property is defined like this: public CookieCollection Cookies { get; set; } CookieCollection implements ICollection and IEnumerable and can be used like any other collection. (See 25.) It has an indexer that allows a cookie to be obtained by specifying its index or its name. CookieCollection stores objects of type Cookie. Cookie defines several properties that give you access to the various pieces of information associated with a cookie. The two that we will use here are Name and Value, which are defined like this: public string Name { get; set; } public string Value { get; set; } The name of the cookie is contained in Name, and its value is found in Value. To obtain a list of the cookies associated with a response, you must supply a cookie container with the request. For this purpose, HttpWebRequest defines the property CookieContainer, shown here: public CookieContainer CookieContainer { get; set; }
Figure 6-2: Graceful curves can add interest to portraits.
Before a discussion of routers and routing protocols begins, you need a fundamental understanding of the types of routes that can exist on a router and how a router uses routes that it learns. The following sections discuss two learning methods (static and dynamic), how routers are grouped together (autonomous systems), and how routing protocols are weighed by the router when choosing a path between multiple routing protocols.
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This works because of the implicit conversion that is created from type int to type myclass by the myclass constructor. Of course, if myclass( ) had been declared explicit, then the preceding statement would not work.
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