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ITU-T G.694.2 CWDM wavelength grid against a standard ITU-T G.652 fiber attenuation curve. The wider spacing of the CWDM bands means that much more economical components can be used in these systems, and currently, there is active interest in adding CWDM to EPON systems to enhance their capacity. Figure 7.7 presents three possible deployment scenarios for the tree-and-branch topology WDM PON systems. Obviously, other topologies are possible, though it has been proven already that this particular architecture minimizes both fiber deployment as well as splitter count in the PON network [11, 14-17]. Figure 7.7a depicts a tree-and-branch topology with cascaded AWG and PSC elements, where initial wavelength routing is performed in the AWG, multiplexing a number of incoming downstream channels, 1 n, into n output ports. Each AWG output port is connected further on with a PSC performing the power-splitting operation for a single wavelength channel selected previously by the AWG component. This way, all ONUs connected to a given PSC module receive the same downstream channel, 3, thus making this scenario a simple CWDM overlay over the standard EPON structure, where ONUs are unaware of any existing multiple wavelength structure in the network. Such an approach has one huge advantage namely a high degree of backward compatibility with existing PON equipment (no dynamic wavelength tuneability is required for ONUs operating at predefined downstream and upstream channels). Unfortunately, there are more drawbacks to such a system because static wavelength assignment through AWG routing operations causes stock problems for the network operator; ONUs cannot be switched between different domains without retuning the receiver filters and replacing the laser transmitter module. Additionally, the network operator must keep track of the wavelength domain ONU assignment by hand, since the system is unaware of this fact. There are also concerns with the dynamic allocation of resources because in this case, it is virtually impossible to effect this particular function. A particular PSC receives only a single wavelength and splits it into a number of output ports. All connected ONUs are, therefore, forced to operate at this wavelength
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where VP fraction of the speed of light compared to light in a vacuum. Then calculate the wavelength of the signal of interest in a perfect vacuum: 11,800 f
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What is the difference between a complete and a partial hydatidiform mole
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System defines the following interfaces:
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The C# Language
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Remote Presentation Server Users Through Access Gateway 4.1
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CDP. For layer 3 troubleshooting, use ping and traceroute. For layer 7 troubleshooting, use telnet. For detailed troubleshooting, use debug.
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Figure 10.9 Proper component width (a) and
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1. Suppose you wanted to measure the heat 2. Why did you check to make sure that the hose
You can improve single-server scalability (number of users on a server) by manually adjusting the page table entries (PTE) in the registry. The Windows NT kernel uses PTE values to allocate physical RAM between two pools of memory. By manually setting the maximum space allocated to the system PTE, the remaining space can be used to increase the number of users supported on the server. Determining the optimal configuration for PTE values is a complex task. For detailed information, see the Microsoft knowledgebase article 247904. A Kernel Tuning Assistant for Windows 2000 server is also available from Microsoft.
7: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Networking Bits
Other times, you may be in a situation that calls for a reflector, but yours is at home. What do you do Improvise.
10: Issues in Women s Health
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