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computing is still somewhat new, standards exist to make sure that you can work and play well with your vendors. Given the extent to which cloud computing relies on the web, it should be no shock that many of the standards are things like HTTP, HTML, and XMPP. And while we will talk about those standards, we will also delve into the standards that exist for making cloud services, including JSON, SML, REST, and SOAP. We will explain that alphabet soup later in this chapter.
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C++ from the Ground Up
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Speech-Coding Techniques
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Low Intermediate High
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Number of Distributions
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4.0 Introduction ......................................................................................................................................
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Evaluate the integral 1 x ln2 x
Transporting Voice by Using IP
Notice that the query engine adds a DISTINCT keyword to all list of values queries. This ensures that users receive only a single row for each distinct value. For example, a Customer dimension table may have multiple rows for each customer ID as changes to customer information are kept and time-stamped. In setting conditions in a query, users will need to see the unique customer ID only once. The use of the DISTINCT keyword is sensible from a user-functionality point of view, but it clearly has an impact on query response time when your list of values is directed to a large fact table.
M-bits (multiframe) There are four M-bits per DS-2 frame. These are always located in the first bit position in each subframe. C-bits The C-bits are used to control bit stuffing. Three C-bits per subframe are allowed, also shown in Figure 26-11 .
In addition to wheels, you need to carefully consider the rim and tire of your robot s assembly. The tire or rubber part of the wheel is probably the most critical consideration, because it is the most exposed part and takes the most abuse. It is the part that will encounter the kill saws at some point in a BattleBot competition. Tire hazards wreck more robots than all the rest of the hazards combined. Imagine what an opponent s weapon or a kill saw can do to your intended wheels. How secure is the rubber mounted to the rim Will the rubber stay on the rim if it s partially shredded How easily can the rubber be shredded Are the tires pneumatic and can they be popped If one or more wheels have a series of gashes in them, can you still maneuver your robot or allow it to escape your opponent or the hazard to regroup Can the tire be struck from the side and be knocked off You must ask yourself these and many other questions before you select the tires used. You may like a particular wheel/tire combination that you ve located and want to make it a bit more resilient to the onslaught it will be facing on the battle floor. You see a pneumatic that is the right size and has good traction, but you realize that it can easily be punctured and flattened, or it can be shredded by some weapon or hazard. In this case, consider filling the tire with a pliable rubber epoxy instead of air. The epoxy will bond to the inner part of the rim, and at the same
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Security, Monitoring, and Management
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