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FIGURE 23-8 Combined query using INTERSECT
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This program displays this is a test followed by the number 4. The %n format specifier is used primarily to enable your program to perform dynamic formatting.
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If the preceding discussion has not convinced the reader that the use of the spanning tree protocols is a viable option, here are a number of alternatives either available today or in development in standards organizations. They include bridge gateways, both within and among clouds; IEEE Project 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging and IETF TRILL, both described in ISP Access Services, later in the chapter; various proprietary ring topology algorithms; and various proprietary paired virtual bridge solutions. Either at a boundary between two bridged clouds, as between the provider cloud and either of the customer clouds in Figure 13.13, or at the edge of a single cloud, as in Figure 13.14, shown later in this section, a bridge or a cloud of bridges can be separated from another bridge or cloud of bridges at arm s length, without the two bridges or clouds spanning trees being concatenated into a single spanning tree. This is important because, as described in Interconnecting Clouds of Bridges carrying one cloud s BPDUs over another cloud is undesirable. This technique can be called a bridge gateway. The principles of bridge gateways are firmly established and have been implemented by some vendors, though their standardization is still in progress (as part of IEEE P802.1ah). The bridge gateway is based on the following principles:
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Bellcore is now known as Telcordia. It is an organization that has written many technical standards, most of which are adopted by North American network operators.
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small aperture (large f-stop number) to ensure maximum depth of field. Switch to landscape or infinity mode if your camera doesn t have an aperture priority mode. Figure 6-3: Curves can be used to draw your viewer into the photograph.
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3: Layer 2 LAN Technologies
Press ENTER or RETURN to crop the image. Alternatively, you can click the Commit button (it looks like a check mark) on the border of the crop marquee.
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
Generally reasonable because network Very low tolerance because failures is usually intra-enterprise and over a usually have a larger impact often smaller physical area so failures can on revenues and competitiveness be addressed relatively quickly Manageability possible with fairly simple tools given fewer number of users and applications within a smaller physical area (typically a building or campus) and the relatively higher tolerance to failure issues Scale and scope of the Service Provider network in terms of the number of users and the geographical footprint introduces signi cant complexity necessitating sophisticated management tools and capabilities
Switch Model
Bottom line: Of the three site options, the best choice is Georgia. My analysis used proprietary stochastic simulation techniques. Incorporating data collected from over one hundred sources, from the government and other public sources to interviews, the design of the model required creativity and diligence. To get a fresh view, one of my assistants met with a risk manager with no knowledge of the risks involved in doing business in either Florida or Georgia. All data is tested and proven by fact checkers. Here are answers to three key questions. Q: What data did you collect A: I collected over ve hundred separate facts from various data sources. Q: Why is Georgia a better choice than Florida or Illinois A: Georgia is a better choice because of my overall analysis; speci cally, the very low exposure in areas including weather, transport and available labor make it more attractive. Also, it offers the most positive labor climate of the three alternatives. Q: What s the most compelling bene t of choosing Georgia A: Diversi cation. We are vulnerable to weather or labor unrest or zoning or taxation problems in Florida. If these problems occur in Florida, and we have more than one factory there, it is easy to no doubt see the problem. Both factories are effected, not just one factory. It s easy
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