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Have you considering doing rich media previews on your site Would the studios present an obstacle because of copyright issues No, not at all. There are two things. One, we could use the pre-canned previews, which they provide. They are, of course, eager for us to do that since it is a form of advertising for them. But, in effect, you can editorially excerpt brief segments from a DVD and show it as an editorial clip. And, we ve played with the idea of doing both of those things. The success of your model seems tied very strongly to the ease-of-use of the Web site and ordering through the Internet. We ve done two migrations on the site in the last month or so. One is moving most of our customers over to our Marquee program. The main innovation that we have done is to change the whole dynamics of video rental. Currently, for most people who rent movies, there is this level of spontaneity or same-day commitment. We say, I want to watch a movie. You need to get in your car and drive the video rental store to get the movie you want to consume then. We could never compete with that. No matter how much I spend, I could never get it so that I can get a movie to you faster than you get it at the rental store. With Marquee, we let you receive up to four movies and you keep them in your house until you re ready to watch them. I ipped the whole thing around. Now, it s eight at night and it s raining and you want to watch a movie. You don t need to get in your car and drive to Blockbuster. You ve got four movies sitting on top of your TV or in your closet that you have prepicked that are ready to go. That one user dynamic changed everything around. All of a sudden, we have eliminated spontaneity as being an issue. And, of course, it is the same thing in reverse. You no longer have to drive to Blockbuster and drop it off. You can just drop it in the mail and you re done. The second thing we have done, which has totally changed the business around, is that we ve launched a service called CineMatch. This is very recent. CineMatch is a personalized movie service. Essentially, you go to the site and rate 20 movies and that allows us to build a taste pro le for you, giving us a very strong ability to predict what movies we think you will like and dislike. And, then we can use that in all kinds of ways. Going from the most explicit, which is having a page of movies that we recommend for you. When you combine these two features, we ve created huge amounts of convenience by having movies on top of the TV all the time with the ability to do very, very strong taste ltering for you, so you don t waste time watching movies that you are not going to like.
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Fiber and WDM
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Table 5.10a Frequently used computer programs for superstructures. Program I.D. AASHTO Opis LRFD Live Load Generator LRFD Prestressed Beam CONSYS 2000 CONSPAN LA MDX Curved and Straight Steel Girder Merlin-DASH Authors AASHTOWare Florida DOT Web Site/E-Mail** .us
Client Hardware Configuration: IBM x-Series 335 Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz Processors with 512KB L2 Cache 34GB Ultra 320 SCSI 1GB RAM 3GB Page File
Application Delivery Platform Concerns
Properties of Repair Material
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