Jitter (line and tributary). A fuller explanation of jitter can be found in 23. In general, the jitter at line rates in synchronous systems offers no surprises, the main difficulty in measurement being caused by the small levels permitted (0.1 p-p) and the high data rates (2.488 Gbps is common). At the tributary levels, however, where the asynchronous signals are demultiplexed, a unique measuring problem exists. The introduction of pointers as part of the synchronous system has created a type of jitter peculiar to this transmission standard. The pointer slips of 8 or 24 UI at a time (in the line side) introduce high peaks of jitter into asynchronous tributary signals when they are demultiplexed from the synchronous signal. It is worth noting that jitter analyzers designed for measuring conventional asynchronous signals often are not capable of measuring these high instantaneous values. Care therefore must be taken when choosing an analyzer to measure this jitter. Wander. Whereas jitter is defined as short-term variations in frequency, wander is defined as long-term variation. Measurement of this parameter in digital system is dealt with in 23. Wander is of particular interest in a synchronous system because the synchronizing clock is carried in the data stream, and therefore data stream wander represents variation in a system s synchronizing frequency. A wide template of wander values is defined in the synchronous standards.2 Analyzers used in this application not only need to generate these levels of wander, but in long-term monitoring applications need to be able to withstand these variations. Pulse masks. As well as the functional behavior, the physical characteristics of synchronous signals are also tightly specified.3 Some analyzers offer the ability to monitor pulse masks, but more commonly this function is performed by high-speed digital oscilloscopes.
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Once you have copied the PKG files to flash, they are not used by default. Instead, they must be installed, or unpackaged, in flash of the ASA by using the svc image command in WebVPN subcommand mode:
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IP Address Planning
Providing adequate user support is essential to a successful enterprise application delivery implementation. Even though users may experience initial problems, they will have much better attitudes if they can receive prompt and competent help.
EXAMPLE 6-1 What is the total capacitance as seen by the voltage source in Fig. 6-2 All capacitances are given in microfarads. SOLUTION The 5 and 2 F capacitors are in parallel. Hence they can be replaced by a single capacitor with C = 5 + 2 = 7 F The circuit can be replaced by the circuit shown in Fig. 6-3. The 7 and 1 F capacitors are connected in series. Using (6.3) these two capacitors can be replaced by an equivalent capacitor with C = 1 = 8/7 F 1/7 + 1
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Frame User to Network Interface (FUNI)
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