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On a Cisco IOS device, User EXEC mode allows you to execute a limited number of basic management and troubleshooting commands. However, from User EXEC mode on an appliance, your only real options are to enter Privilege EXEC mode, log out of the appliance, perform basic IP connectivity troubleshooting, and to execute only a handful of show commands. To log out of the appliance while in User EXEC mode, use the exit or quit commands.
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5. In the Export Library box, it s best to save the new library to where CorelDRAW
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Circuit bonding is independent of the transmission format or protocol. It can be used to provide transport over virtually any line transmission type and was not developed for a specific network type. Furthermore, the protection afforded by circuit bonding is available to all client signals regardless of their format. Circuit bonding is also different from protocols that aggregate client-side interfaces. While a circuit bonding platform can carry those clients over either single or multiple facilities, it can carry mixed format signals equally well. As Figure 10.5 illustrates, those clients can be packet-based or TDM-based. Circuit bonding can be used to carry Ethernet frames over bonded OCns, DS3s, and T1/E1s. Figure 10.6 shows how this can be achieved. Figure 10.6 shows Ethernet connectivity using a circuit-bonding system over DS-1, DS-3 transport, or SONET transport. Because circuit bonding separates the client layer from the transport layer, Ethernet can be efficiently transported over a variety of parallel transport mechanisms with the following benefits:
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Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Dedicated EoS Networks
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
Regardless whether you are starting out with a departmental implementation or with the simple goal of automating a legacy report process, the sweet spot of business intelligence is when it is aligned with the business goals. This is when BusinessObjects XI is not merely a productivity tool (for example, to get the same data faster) but a strategic tool that measurably affects company profitability, competitiveness, and market share. Even if you start out implementing BusinessObjects XI to fulfill IT goals, the road does not end there. Its uses will evolve, and in support of this evolution, IT must realize that much of the BusinessObjects deployment is iterative. Those initial starter reports should be modified as the business environment changes. Documents in Public Folders (or in version 6 and earlier, Corporate Documents) should be modified as the business uses BusinessObjects XI more effectively, drivers of performance are measured, or the business environment changes. If these reports and/or universes remain static for an extended period of time, it s an indication that your deployment is not closely aligned with the business needs. Arguably, there will be some universes and reports that are more operational in nature and that support work processes that may not change all that often. If you are a project manager or sponsor, then it s easier for you to keep the project aligned with the business goals. If you are a lone power user or universe developer, you may be thinking, Not me, that s for the higher-ups to do! Perhaps. However, as the BusinessObjects XI expert, you are best suited to understand how the various modules can be leveraged to fulfill the business goals. Too often there is a disconnect between the opportunities and the technical capabilities. Keep your ear to the ground, and you will discover the opportunities. Read the company newsletters, and you will discern the company goals and come up with new ideas on how BusinessObjects XI can help achieve those goals. Most business units have individual business plans. Take a look at them. Which reports can you design to measure implementation of the business plan Don t forget that some of the world s greatest innovations have come from the rank and file, not the executives! Given the volume and breadth of data needed to fulfill broad company goals, BusinessObjects XI is often implemented in conjunction with a data warehouse or data mart. If the data warehouse is being implemented at the same time, many of the business goals in implementing and justifying the warehouse will be the same for implementing BusinessObjects XI. The business goals may be fairly broad, such as Providing front-line managers with direct access to data that shows the health of the day-to-day business Gaining insight into what was previously a black hole, caused by a closed transaction system that lacks robust reporting capabilities Providing data to support company-wide initiatives such as enterprise performance management, business process reengineering, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and Six Sigma Even when the goals are this broad, to achieve measurable benefits, you need to develop more precise goals and tie them in with the BusinessObjects XI development
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