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Computer CD-ROM architecture consists of four layers: two layers that specify the physical ordering of data on a disc and another two layers that standardize the logical layout of les and other information required to locate les. Layer 0 is left unchanged from the audio CD standard, but the specs for Layer 1 have undergone a few improvements to make data storage less error-prone (more details on this topic appear in 3, CD Standards). The next two layers, Layer 2 and Layer 3, specify the organization of les on a CD-ROM: Layer 2 de nes the logical organization of sectors on the disc, and Layer 3 creates a logical le structure. Taken together, Layers 0 through 3 form the basis for storing and accessing digital sound and computer data on compact disc. These additional speci cations were tacked on in the Yellow Book standard (but, fortunately, tacked on thoughtfully) to expand the capabilities of the compact disc from merely a digital phonograph record to a serious data-storage medium. The additions that the Yellow Book standard added to the error detection and correction scheme place the CD-ROM at the top of the list for data reliability in storage devices.
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Thom v. New York Stock Exchange, 306 F. Supp. at 1010. John J. Miller and Stephen Moore, A National ID System: Big Brother s Solution to Illegal Immigration, Cato Policy Analysis, September 7, 1995, available at pubs/pas/pa237es.html.
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Close on the heels of lead-acid today, this battery type promises to be even better in the future. Its advantages over lead-acid today (less pronounced decrease in capacity under
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In this example, cl s constructor has two parameters and, therefore, requires two arguments. This means that the shorthand initialization format cannot be used. Instead, use the long form shown in the example. (Of course, you may use the long form in cases where the constructor requires only one argument, too. It is just that the short form is easier to use when only one argument is required.)
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Satellite Frequency Bands
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The internal modifier applies mostly to the use of an assembly, which for C# loosely means a deployable program or library. The internal modifier is examined in 16. When a member of a class is modified by the public specifier, that member can be accessed by any other code in your program. This includes methods defined inside other classes. When a member of a class is specified as private, then that member can be accessed only by other members of its class. Thus, methods in other classes are not able to access a private member of another class. As explained in 6, if no access specifier is used, a class member is private to its class by default. Thus, the private specifier is optional when creating private class members. An access specifier precedes the rest of a member s type specification. That is, it must begin a member s declaration statement. Here are some examples:
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DVD-R or DVD-RAM for Duplication
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Figure 14 - 3
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
string str = tgObj.GetObj2(); Console.WriteLine("value: " + str); }
6. Change the default object-level security for this group from Public to Private. Note that the levels available are listed in order of precedence.
I The ANSI/ISO C I/O system I The UNIX-like I/O system I Several platform-specific I/O functions
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