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Printing: Professional Output
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11.4.4 Use of Recycled Plastics
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1. Open a document containing object properties you want to change. Launch the
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Vertical Spinner
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Disaster Recovery Planning and Configuration
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For example, Maureen, benefits manager in the human resources department of a paper manufacturer, wrote an article for her company s employee newsletter about mutual fund options newly available in the 401(k) retirement plan. We were scared that the oodgates would open and we d be overwhelmed with calls, she explained. So I ended the article by saying: For further information about the new options, to review your account, or to E-mail questions to a bene ts manager, please click on the 401(k) icon on our intranet s home page. Tim, a lawyer in an energy distributorship, wanted his staff to review legal ndings before their upcoming meeting. I sent an E-mail telling them that I wanted them to read several cases before we met. I gave them two that I expected them to read, and ended with Consult Marianna for additional case suggestions. I was interested in tracking who consulted Marianna and who didn t. In a proposal we sent out, Malcolm, vice president of a construction company, explains, for our engineering design services, we ended each section with source information. For instance, in the nancial section, the last sentence was All data provided by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Please consult their website for details. Very matter-of-fact, which was exactly the tone we wanted. Ginny, owner of a restaurant supply company, sent out letters to all her customers announcing a price increase. I explained it in the body of the letter, and ended with Attached is an updated price listing for your binder. Please replace the current page with this one. Short and sweet. Challenge Your Readers with a Question Ending with a question involves readers by inviting them to think. I wanted to challenge people to come up with ideas, Max says. Creative director of an internal advertising department in the textile industry, Max ended a staff E-mail looking for new promotional ideas with T-shirts and baseball caps. Tote bags and pens. We need a fresh approach. Any ideas He explained, Ending with a question helps people focus. Sarah, a freelance writer, wanted to win approval for an article idea. She ended her E-mailed inquiry to an editor with Any interest As she explains, That s the bottom line. It s to the point, and that s what editors like.
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Web Access Functions
Non-type parameters are restricted to integers, pointers, or references. Other types, such as float, are not allowed. The arguments that you pass to a non-type parameter must consist of either an integer constant, or a pointer or reference to a global function or object. Thus, non-type parameters should, themselves, be thought of as constants, since their values cannot be changed. For example, inside operator[ ]( ), the following statement is not allowed:
Registry keys removed by the Agent during shutdown from HKEY_CURRENT_ USER: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\MetaFrame Password Manager NOTE This is not the case when working with a Hot Desktop-enabled workstation.
The HTML preview server is responsible for converting Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents to HTML when the HTML Preview activation option is enabled. Selecting a Redundancy Solution Because the load balancing and fault tolerance for the HTML preview server is built in, Citrix recommends having at least two HTML preview servers for a redundant deployment. Access Gateway Advanced Access Control has a built-in mechanism to load balance against multiple HTML preview servers. This load-balancing functionality also provides redundancy for the HTML preview server. The load-balancing mechanism is based on server load, as well as document cache. The first time a document is previewed, it is put into cache. The server with the lowest load is chosen by the load-balancing algorithm. However, in cases where the loads are close, the web server selects the HTML preview server that has the requested document cached. To provide failover capability, the web servers poll the HTML preview servers every three to five seconds. If one of the HTML preview servers does not respond to the polling request, that server is not used by the web servers. The web servers do not maintain a list of downed HTML preview servers. All HTML preview servers continue to be polled, no matter how long they are offline.
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