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numbers and acknowledgments, windowing, and error detection and correction.
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Knockouts are scored areas on the sensor s housing that can be knocked out so that wire can be passed through. Manufacturers create knockouts so that the customer can install their product, allowing for multiple installation scenarios, but without making their sensor look like a piece of Swiss cheese.
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Next we considered resistors in a series, which can be added to obtain an equivalent resistance: Req = Ri (for resistors in series)
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Table 11-2 The Properties Defined by Stream
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Minimum: Target: Outstanding:
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however, as you ll see in subsequent chapters, certain features are specific to each product type, and thus each product has unique configuration commands.
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Following the success of the SEI CMM, many other maturity models were developed for other software-related activities. The capability maturity model integration (CMMI) is an aggregation of these other models into an overall maturity model. Like the SEI CMM, the CMMI has five levels of maturity, although its labels differ. The CMMI has been designed with consideration for other software development methodologies such as agile development, component-based development, and iterative development.
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Scalp, Face, Nose, and Ears
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7. Create a focused, concrete plan of action. 8. Design a support system. 9. Refer the learner to additional resources as needed.
The DocumentAuthor function returns the BusinessObjects Enterprise logon ID for the user who created the Web Intelligence document.
// Use overloaded constructors. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> using namespace std;
Troubleshooting allows isolating the cause of a fault and makes it possible to resolve network trouble as quickly as possible. Some faults are catastrophic, while others are
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Per-Hop Behavior (PHB)
The sources of jitter that we will consider here are, first of all, the electronic components used in equipment design, and second, some particular aspects of regenerator and digital multiplexer design that cause jitter to be generated or to accumulate. It should be noted at this point that sources of jitter in the network tend either to depend on transmitted data pattern content, or be random and pattern-independent. The pattern-dependent sources cause jitter to accumulate on the digital signal as it passes along the transmission system; these therefore are more troublesome.
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