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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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From Eq. (12-21) we see that increased viscosity and increased Reynolds number ( ) increase the critical velocity; this makes it less likely at a given velocity that the flow will be turbulent, whereas increasing the radius or the fluid density increases the likelihood of turbulent flow.
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Information is transferred between a user and the Central Office (or ISDN station) via channels. A channel is defined as a specific portion of the total digital bandwidth of the transmission line. ISDN standards define B, D, and H channels (Table 9.1), but the most widely used are the B and D channels. The B, or bearer channel, is a 64 kbps digital channel. It does not carry signaling (control) information. Digitized voice or data transmissions (including video) in either circuit-switched or packet-switched formats can be transported, however. Older, standard data terminals may be adapted to the B channel through well-defined rate adaption algorithms (like V.110 and V.120). B channels also may be combined to achieve greater aggregate speeds. Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP) or Bandwidth on Demand (BONDing) are two major methods for achieving higher aggregate speeds. For example, the two 64 kbps B channels of a BRI may be combined to achieve 128 kbps aggregate data speed. The D, demand or data channel, is a separate 16 or 64 kbps channel used primarily for signaling information. Signaling information establishes, maintains, and clears ISDN network connections. The nature of the signaling functions cause signaling to occur in bursts. When the D channel is not carrying signaling information, provisions have been made to allow packet-switched (X.25) data to be transmitted. Signaling information, however, has priority on the D channel at all times. The H channel has been designed for high-bandwidth applications and bonds multiple B channels. H channels provide greater aggregate bandwidth in PRI applications. This capability of channel aggregation allows multi-rate communications on a dynamic basis through inverse multiplexing over multiple B channels. Table 9.1 summarizes the functions of the B, D, and H channels.
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Using the Length Property
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Plug-ins allow the user to use the address bar on the home portal page. Once you have imported plug-ins, when you log into the ASA using the clientless approach and use the
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can also be used to modify existing preset arrowheads, but only to the extent that you just modified your custom arrowhead in step 7. End of tour! Here you can see a few uses for a shovel. Don t be hesitant to mix and match outline styles; in the middle illustration here, a dashed outline style happily coexists with a custom arrowhead.
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(d ) Proper action rk > Rr
Embellishments: Bevels, PowerClips, and Shadows
of the cam-follower mechanism. Since we are concerned with the maximum pressure angle tan a m = tan t m = E . M (14.8)
All of the ASAs support at least one modular card slot. The ASA 5505 has no current cards available for it, but the other ASAs do. This section will briefly cover the cards available for the ASA 5510s and higher.
In all lightning theories, a combination of vertically moving water droplets and air currents results in the buildup of large quantities of oppositely charged particles within clouds and between clouds and the ground (Figure 5.2). The electrical potential differences between charges may be as high as 100,000,000 volts. By comparison, the voltage on the power lines running along a street is a mere 12,000 volts. In particular, the base of a cloud becomes negatively charged. Since opposite charges attract, the surface of the earth directly beneath the cloud becomes positively charged. People standing in this positively charged area under a cloud sometimes report feeling their hair standing on end due to the static charge just before a lightning strike. What initially prevents the charges from combining is the extreme electrical resistance of air. Some scientists believe that lightning strikes are triggered by cosmic rays knocking electrons from air molecules. The freed electrons accelerate in the voltage eld, causing the release of more electrons and ionizing the air.
Negative Impact of Multiplier
Fiber distributed data interface, or FDDI, is a local area network technology whose range can extend up to 200 km over optical fiber. FDDI is a dual ring technology that utilizes redundant network cabling and counter-rotating tokens, which together make FDDI highly resilient. Each ring has a 100 Mbit/sec data rate, making the entire network capable of 200 Mbit/sec. FDDI has been largely superseded by 100 Mbit/sec and 1 Gbit/sec Ethernet, and is not often seen in commercial networks.
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