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Hopefully, this discussion of CTI will provide you with some appreciation of the capabilities and features that contribute to the merger of computing and PBX architectures. The use of an onscreen interface at a desktop PC enables users to manage and maintain their mailboxes for voice messaging as well as e-mail. Beyond that, a visual display can be received directly to the desktop, outlining the number of faxes, e-mails, or voice messages waiting to be retrieved. With the integration of the voice and text applications, the user can also see who the messages are from and prioritize the receipt of each of these messages based on some preconditioned arrangement. All of this facilitates the integration of the computer and telephony capabilities onto a single, simple platform that empowers the end user to access information more readily. Moreover, with the implementation of CTI as a front-end processor for the organization s telemarketing or order processing departments, customers have the ability to retrieve information at will. This use of touch-tone or voice response systems enables a customer to literally walk through catalogs, check status on orders, check inventories, or even check the process of billing information, all without human involvement. It is not the intent of this discussion to rule out the use of all humans, but rather show how humans can be more productive in performing the functions for which they were initially hired. By taking the repetitive look-up -type applications along with the data applications and allowing them to be controlled by the end user (or customer), the organization can save a significant amount of time and money and better utilize the human resources they have. The industry, however, is now facing a severe shortfall of skill sets and talents that could facilitate some of these functions. With the use of the CTI application, this human resources shortfall can easily be supplemented through technology. As things progress even more, additional applications such as video servers may well be added to this architecture and enable callers to view displays on a downloadable file, so that catalog information could be easily retrieved with a video clip that would show exactly what the customer is ordering or buying. Moreover, as the video clips and the fax services and voice messaging capabilities all become integrated into one tightly coupled architecture, customers could see the article, place the order, and literally construct the order customized to their needs. One can only imagine some of the possibilities of these features and functions that will be available in the future, but as with anything else, the first steps must be implemented. In short, an organization must recognize the potential benefits that can be derived from a CTI application. Its capabilities are exciting because of all of the different ways CTI can be used. With a GUI-based system, a point-and-click, mouse-driven application on a desktop enables end users as well as customers to literally walk their way through all catalogs and information.
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Hybrid design and construction predates today s monolithic ICs, but hybrids have most assuredly not been completely supplanted by them in all electronic products and applications. But, hybrids are used only when ICs or common surface mount discrete printed circuit board designs are inferior and weight, space, cost, and performance are vital for specialized or highreliability situations. Hybrid circuits can also be an excellent choice for lowvolume production runs when custom monolithic ICs would have too high an initial design and cost. RF hybrids will appear to an observer as simply a large IC, or as a small populated PCB if the hybrid is left unpackaged. In most consumer applications, the completed hybrid circuit will be placed in a special plastic package, and silicone or resin is then poured over it, or the circuit itself can be dipped
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Deal with Shutter Lag Pan the Camera Create a Sequence of Images Steadying the Camera Photograph Rapidly Moving Subjects Blur Image Backgrounds to Enhance Motion Steadying Your Camera with a Monopod Take Photographs Before a Sporting Event Getting the Lay of the Land Capture Images of the Sporting Event Capture the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat Telling the Story of the Event Photograph an Automobile Race Using Blur Creatively
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scorecard is created helps new developers walk through the process. After developers become familiar with scorecards, some will choose to turn off the wizards and build them from scratch. Fortunately PerformancePoint Server accommodates working in either mode. These templates are extensible, and companies can create their own custom templates for both data sources and scorecards, if desired. Choosing to build a scorecard with an Analysis Services template presents you with the Analysis Services Scorecard Wizard as shown in Figure 5-7. While the first page of the wizard is similar to that for creating a new data source, notice that a series of steps are listed down the left-hand side of this wizard. From the list, it is obvious that there are a number of steps that must be performed in order to create a scorecard. The first screen is simply asking for the name of the scorecard, an optional display folder, and whether or not all authenticated users should be given access. The second step in the wizard is selecting a data source. This page allows for the use of data sources residing on either the workspace or the server. Recall that a newly-created data source that has not yet been published exists only on the
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costly than single-port analyzers, with each line interface requiring a dedicated analysis and acquisition system. They most commonly are implemented with additional dedicated hardware that allows the multiple ports to handle all of the data, and to provide time synchronization between the ports so that captured data can be correlated. Figure 27.6 shows the block diagram for a multiport protocol analyzer that is constructed with a line interface and an analysis and acquisition system dedicated to each port.
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failover configuration of the two appliances. To make the example more readable, I ve broken it into different sections.
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Figure 8.8 Author (left) and members of U.S. National Academy of Sciences seismic team visiting Islamabad in December 2005 for inspection of structural damages.
Now that we have only a single distribution to worry about, we can use that distribution to make statistical mechanical calculations for
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2.3 Topologies Networks are organized in different physical ways. These are called topologies. Table 2.8 gives an overview of topologies. Included in the table are:
This case points out the need for one to be as knowledgeable as possible and the need to think in terms of dermoscopic and histopathologic differential diagnosis. Dermoscopic criteria are not always what they appear to be (eg, there is no regression in this lesion). Dermoscopy is not a perfect technique. Don t expect it to be!
NOTE Here too, you want to know how many users will be affected by any redesign efforts. Know
8. Examine the following configuration. There are more than 100 internal devices. Some devices can access the Internet, but some can t. What is the possible problem with this situation
The dynamic_cast operator can sometimes be used instead of typeid in certain cases. For example, again assuming that Base is a polymorphic base class for Derived, the following fragment will assign dp the address of the object pointed to by bp if, and only if, the object really is a Derived object:
You Try It: Does the expression g(x) = de ne a function Why or why not EXAMPLE 1.27 Let f (x) = x. Discuss whether f is a function. SOLUTION This f can only make sense for x 0. But even then f is not a function since it is ambiguous. For instance, it assigns to x = 1 both the numbers 1 and 1. 4 x2 7 if x < 3 if x 2
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