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A feature of C++ that is related to function overloading is operator overloading. With very few exceptions, most of C++ s operators can be given special meanings relative to specific classes. For example, a class that defines a linked list might use the + operator to add an object to the list. Another class might use the + operator in an entirely different way. When an operator is overloaded, none of its original meaning is lost. It simply means that a new operation relative to a specific class is defined. Therefore, overloading the + to handle a linked list does not cause its meaning relative to integers (that is, addition) to be changed. Operator functions will usually be either members or friends of the class for which they are being used. Although very similar, there are some differences between the way a member operator function is overloaded and the way a friend operator function is overloaded. In this section, only member functions will be overloaded. Later in this chapter, you will see how to overload friend operator functions.
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Real-World Chemistry
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The registry values for the default Presentation Server logon screen (without the Novell Client) are
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Visual alarm on the screen Audible alarm Start capturing data in the capture buffer continuously Start capturing data, fill the capture buffer, and stop Position the trigger in the capture buffer and stop capturing data End the data capture Increment a counter Start a timer Stop a timer Make an entry in the event log Start a specific measurement Send an SNMP trap Log data to disk
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Subtract a partially overlapping shape to create the envelope template for the text.
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Observe that the velocity is v( t) = p ( t) = 32t + v0 . Obviously the initial velocity of a falling body is 0. Thus 0 = v( 0) = 32 0 + v0 . It follows that v0 = 0, thus confirming our intuition that the initial velocity is 0. Thus p( t) = 16t2 + h0 .
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In this attack, Henry produces a copy of whatever Cathy is using to authenticate herself. If Cathy has written down her password somewhere, Henry can perform a replication attack by finding the written password and copying it for his own use. This is similar to the delegation problem noted earlier except that it takes place without Cathy s knowledge or intentional cooperation. As the number of password users, and the number of passwords themselves, have proliferated over the past decade, so has the number of passwords that are written down. Consider what happens if we search the immediate vicinity of workstations in an office environment, peeking under mouse pads and among nearby papers, to look for written passwords. In practice, such mouse pad searches uncover a password between 4 and 39 percent of the time, depending on the environment. If we characterize a mouse pad search as a single attempted attack, we have an average attack space of as little as 21. When attacking devices such as tokens or cards, the replication attack must duplicate the functionality of the device by either extracting its base secret or by deriving it through a trial-and-error attack (Smith 2002). Replication attacks on biometrics try to mimic the personal traits or behaviors that the biometric sensor tries to read. This attack is a common fixture in motion pictures, though it often goes to science fiction extremes (see, for example, Never Say Never Again, 1983, or Charlie s Angels, 2000). In practice, however, it may be relatively easy to fool a biometric sensor, depending on the sensor,
There s an old saying that what you see is what you get. The Photoshop Elements design team gives credence to this wisdom, as they ve included a Print command with a dialog box that enables you to preview the end result. When you use the Print
1. Pour 2 mL of 0.1M cobalt(II) chloride solution
Calculate the volume inside a sphere of radius 1.
s solar for you Would the power produced by solar panels pay back their cost There is quite a collection of commercially available photovoltaic panels. Interpreting speci cations requires that we rst understand how photovoltaic panels work. We also need to consider panel orientation in estimating daily output. Once the decision has been made, mechanical installation is quite simple. Electrical installation integrates the panels into the existing 12-volt DC alternator/ battery system. Following the rules for solar success virtually guarantees your solar satisfaction.
Figure 25.5 Double split pair. This diagram depicts the double-split condition. A
The updates for Presentation Server 4.0 are summarized in the Installation Checklist and the Preinstallation Update Bulletin.
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