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NOTE The Desktop Intelligence query panel uses commas to separate multiple values, whereas
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Part II:
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Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data Link FDDI Physical Ethernet Token Ring LAN Standards
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7 Self Test
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When you start using your digital camera in earnest, you ll soon have many folders of images on your hard drive. If you followed the advice I presented in 7, your folders have logical names that make it easy for you to figure out what images are stored in what folder. In this chapter, you ll learn steps to further organize your digital image galleries and archive them to a CD or external hard drive.
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Some of the Load Evaluator rules that can be used by Load Management to calculate a server s load utilize Performance Monitor counters to obtain their values. Table 14-1 outlines these Load Evaluator rules and the associated Performance Monitor counters:
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This example uses a queue to simulate scheduling access to a network by a collection of users. It doesn t actually do any real scheduling. Instead, it simply fills a queue with the names of the users and then grants the users access based on the order in which they are entered into the queue. Of course, since this is a simulation, the program simply displays the user s name when a user is granted access.
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The C# Language
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Method public virtual void Clear( ) public virtual bool Contains(object v) public virtual object Dequeue( ) public virtual void Enqueue(object v) public virtual object Peek( ) public static Queue Synchronized(Queue q) public virtual object[ ] ToArray( ) public virtual void TrimToSize( )
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However, PC-A still assumes that PC-C is on the local segment. To solve this reachability problem, two things need to occur:
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Table 12.2 The BD Production Process (continued)
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As this example illustrates, C makes little distinction between console I/O and file I/O. In essence, the console I/O functions are simply special versions of their parallel file functions that direct their operations to either stdin or stdout. The reason they exist is as a convenience to you, the programmer. In general, you may use stdin, stdout, and stderr as file pointers in any function that uses a variable of type FILE *. In environments that allow redirection of I/O, stdin and stdout can be redirected. This means that they could refer to a device other than the keyboard and or screen. For example, consider this program:
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